School of Medicine Representative

Autumn Elections 2019

Lewis O’Connor

I’m Lewis a 3rd year medical student. I’m standing for school representative to get involved with the SRC and by a matter of consequence to also have a positive impact on student’s university careers. I feel that the aim and work of the SRC is not advertised enough, leaving students unaware of what the SRC is and what it can do for them. Thus, one of my aims for the year would be to promote the SRC on a bigger scale and get more students involved with the SRC. Personally, I don’t agree with the increase in gym fees and GUU entry costs and would advocate for the SRC to lobby the university for increased funding to GUSA and GUU, to lower these costs.

I have been a 1st year class rep, the co-president of my year club in 2nd year and this year I am the BMA representative for the medical school – where I am representing my colleagues’ views locally and nationally. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to speak to government policy makers at No.10 to discuss the issues facing medical students and our NHS, so I am no stranger to speaking in discussions at a high level.

Ethan Wilson

Who am I?

I’m Ethan, a recent graduate and now first year medical student, with a long-standing record of involvement in student representation. I currently sit on a Scotland wide student executive, and a national healthcare related steering group.

Why should you back me?

This may be my first year at the University, but I am bringing with me over five years’ worth of experience representing students needs and voices, from being a class rep and a school rep, to a campus rep and liberation officer.

What am I committed to?

As your school rep on Council I would make sure to regularly catch up with all of the class reps, gathering their feedback around your issues and making sure that the MVLS college convenor and Council know what they are. By providing an effective link between the school and Council for wider representation I am committed to working to ensure you have the best possible experience studying medicine. It may only be my first month in the University, but already I am hearing about your issues and I am keen to start addressing them!

I am Ethan. I am experienced. I am ready to represent you!

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