School of Mathematics and Statistics Representative

Autumn Elections 2019

Damien Ealey

I’m currently in my third year of my Statistics degree. During my first two years at UofG, I’ve been part of our Mathematics and Statistics Society committee as well as having been a Fresher’s Helper for the SRC this year.

Since joining this university, I’ve wanted to take a more active role in our education. I believe I am well suited to engage with our own class reps and convey the underlying issues to those that need be informed.

While space is sparse during exam periods, the construction of the James McCune Smith Learning Hub is well underway and sure to provide our students the necessary space to study.

My goal is to make studying in the school of Mathematics and Statistics more accessible to all. To achieve this, I will strive to increase the ways in which we can effectively study and seek out new learning experiences so that we as students may get a better view on the world we shall soon enter. I aim to be a school representative everyone feels comfortable speaking with.

If elected as your school representative then I’ll do my utmost to ensure that your time at UofG is well spent and enjoyed.

Jen Reid

Hi, I’m Jen Reid, a fourth year Statistics student and I’m running to be your Maths and Stats rep. In my last 3 years at Glasgow Uni I have been heavily involved in the university community; being in multiple societies, sports teams as well as being a fresher’s helper with the SRC in both 2018 and 2019.

These experiences have made me passionate about representing students, and I believe I’m well placed to build a good working relationship with both staff and students. I am eager to engage with students and class reps to help develop the best teaching environment possible and I will make certain the school has all resources necessary to improve the environment that Maths and Stats students deserve. I will liaise with the class reps to discuss important issues and ensure that everyone’s opinions are heard and represented, especially at a localized class by class level.

As your school rep I will ensure that you get the world-class teaching worthy of world changing students.

Yuanmin Zhu

My name is Yuanmin Zhu, a year-2 undergraduate student studying statistics and economics. I like music (especially piano) and I enjoy trying out new experience from joining societies.

I want to be the representative of maths and statistics. I was the class representative for 1st year statistics, in which I gather student’s opinions through my own quick surveys and communication with the student, then discuss with the relevant staff and solve these issues. Therefore, I am quite familiar with these types of roles role and I believe I am capable of doing this job.

For me, become a maths and stats representative means I need to take the responsibility to improve my fellow student’s academic experience with my best effort, and the shortest time. So, if there are anything urgent please don’t be hesitate to email me and/or your relevant class representative. For example, lecture room recording faults, problems with the moodle page layout etc. we will try to get these sorted out as soon as possible.

So please vote me and together, we will make maths and stats greater!