School of Humanities Representative

Autumn Elections 2019

Austen Waite

My name’s Austen Waite, I’m a fourth-year student in Philosophy & Theology.

Over the past few years as an SRC Freshers’ Helper, being a class rep, and from starting an affiliated society, I’ve come to understand the full breath of what the SRC can offer.  Therefore, I’d love to represent you on council.

I’ll ensure that class reps are communicating more regularly with each other and myself, so that ideas and improvements can be discussed freely and the full range of support from the SRC can be utilised.

I’m keen to see the subject societies engaging more with classes and promoting their events to students at all levels of study. Doing so, we can build a stronger community within the humanities, something I feel has been lacking during my time at uni.

Lastly, if elected, I will be visible to both students and staff to make sure that humanities students’ views and needs can be addressed in the quickest and best possible manner.

Despite what you might think after reading my manifesto, I promise my chat is half decent, so if you see me around campus please say hello and discuss why I’m best suited as your school rep!

Xy Zhang

My name is Xinyao Zhang who is a Year 1 MA Honours History undergraduate from School of Humanities at University of Glasgow.

I am willing to be a School of Humanities Representative in the SRC to help all

students solve their problems. My prominent experiences are listed below:

  • High School-Teacher assistant of Social Studies Department
    • Explain any academic questions to students
    • Get feedback from students
    • Give advice to the director
      • Ability Promotion: Flexible communication and problem-solving skills
    • High School-Volunteer in the Admission Office
      • Help students sign up in school
      • Record students’ information
      • Guide to visit the campus
        • Ability Promotion: High efficiency and proofreading
      • Internship-Bank Lobby Manager
        • Help customers queuing
        • Print essential documents
        • Open mobile and online banking for clients
          • Ability Promotion: Responsibility, leadership and team spirit

If I am honored to be elected, I will take these actions:

  • Ask me questions at any time through different ways
  • Keep in touch with relevant Class Representatives frequently
  • Show my full attention, patience and enthusiasm

Give me a chance to surprise you!