School of Education Representative

Autumn Elections 2019

K.L. McGlone

My name is Karyn-Louise McGlone and I would love to be your Representative for the School of Education. I am a Mature Secondary PDGE student and feel I have the necessary skills to enhance the relationship between the School of Education and the rest of the faculties on campus. I am interested in improving the quality of engagement with the Student Representative Council and the education students, particularly those involved in placements.

I have been an active member of the campus community since 2015, assisting both new students through Fresher’s week and existing students through my role as a class representative. During this time, I supported students as well as being the point of contact for them and liaising with other Class Reps and lecturers to ensure regular feedback and communication between the two.

I firmly believe that being part of a supportive and active campus community is essential for all students. My experience has shown that due to a higher number of non-traditional students within our school and the distance from the main campus to the St Andrews building, often being involved is not an option. My main priority therefore is to address this issue.

Ning Zhao

My name is Ning Zhao and I come from China. I’m very glad to have the chance to campaign the School Representative of Education College.

I think I’m qualified to take the position. Firstly, I have good personality. My friends as well as the people who I first meet usually think I’m humorous and optimistic. I can bring happiness and hope to the people around me. Also, I have strong sense of responsibility. I always try my best to complete the work given to me and make it perfect. Secondly, I like make friends and be enthusiastic to communicate with people. Finally, I have some experience in student work. During my undergraduate period, I was the minister of the Department of Social. However, as a Chinese, my English still needs improving. And I promise I won’t let it be my short slab.

The STUDENTS’ REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL devotes to ensuring that the University of Glasgow is doing the best for students. It is also what I want to do and interested in.

I hope that I can be given this chance to help students who are confused or treated unfairly. Thanks for reading.