School of Chemistry Representative

SRC Autumn Elections 2019

Katie Fish

Hi, I’m Katie! I’m in my second year and am currently running to be the School Rep for Chemistry.

I am a friendly, approachable and outgoing student here in Glasgow. I’m involved in the university in many ways including societies such as Women in STEM, Music Club, Zoology, etc., and Student’s Representative Council (where I was Freshers’ Week helper this year). I hope to be a good point of contact for students to voice their thoughts and feedback throughout the year from the School of Chemistry.

As a rep I would like to:

  • Continue the work of the previous representatives, working towards the recording of lectures within the department and lowering the academic jump between different years.
  • Arrange better signposting of the resources and help available to students, including how to rearrange labs and the locations of repeated lectures for first years.
  • Promote the Alchemist Society’s events/socials and encourage engagement between Chemistry students and developing friendships between years.

If elected, I hope to help resolve other concerns from students as well as some of my own goals highlighted above!

I’m easy to find if you have any questions, drop me a message at

Jenny Newton

My name is Jenny Newton and I’m in my third year studying Chemical Physics. I am running for School of Chemistry Representative because I feel this will put me in the position to make real changes within our school.

Being a freshers’ helper has given me great insight into the work that the SRC does. It has encouraged me to keep up my involvement with the SRC to benefit both myself and now my peers in the School of Chemistry.

If I am elected this autumn, I aim to

  • Make sure that Chemical Physics and Chemistry and Maths students are recognised by all academic staff to eliminate clashes between lectures, tutorials and labs.
  • Request more revision material for examinations. Currently no past paper solutions are provided so it would be advantageous to have more exam style questions with full solutions.
  • Continue to work with the Alchemist society to ensure that all students are aware of what they do, providing a greater social aspect to studying Chemistry.

Alongside these points, I would speak for everybody in the school on the issues that matter to them in order to improve the school for students and staff alike.