International Students Officer

Autumn Elections 2019

Zeyun Li

Dear sir/madam,

I’m a student from college of social science and my name is Zeyun Li, I decided to be one of the members of GUSRC which is the international student officer because I have the enthusiasm for helping student and collecting their feedback. Besides, I, as an international student, I know better about the activities we would like to have. Therefore, if I can serve as a bridge between students and the college, I will try everything to complete this task well. In addition, I also work in the Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association, so I have a lot of relevant experience and know a lot of international students, which is very helpful for my future work in SRC.

If I can get this opportunity, I will actively ask students about their study and extracurricular activities and give feedback, actively participate in every meeting and discussion, and put forward my own ideas and opinions. I will try my best to make all the international students are represented, and they all have the chance to have various advice and won’t be ignored. I will definitely cherish this opportunity.

Thank you very much.

Stephanie Mason

Hi, everyone! I’m Stephanie from Florida.

After falling in love with Glasgow during my master’s program at UofG, I’m back for a PhD and am running for International Students Officer because I want to empower other international students to enjoy Glasgow as much as I do.

My passion for Glasgow, outgoing personality and 7 years of prior experience working with students from diverse cultural backgrounds make me uniquely qualified for this position.

Previously, I served as the president of a large international ‘buddy’ program at University of Florida, the Event Coordinator at EF International Language Center in Miami and an International Student Advisor at Auburn University. Additionally, having been elected Class Representative of my International Relations Msc program at University of Glasgow in 2017, I already have experience working with university leaders to advocate for policy changes on the behalf of other students.

Because I believe the essence of the International Students Officer position is to be a voice for other students, rather than outlining explicit campaign promises, I vow to be approachable, actively seek feedback and champion diverse perspectives.

I look forward to collaborating with other international students to make Glasgow an even more spectacular place to call ‘home.’

Shruthi Prasannavenkatesh

I’m Shruthi, and I’d like to be your next International students officer. I’m a
second-year international undergraduate student pursuing BSc Hons in Physics
with Astrophysics. I know that settling in as an International student, a thousand
miles away from home, can feel daunting because I have been in that same

I’m a good listener, and I have the experience of being a class representative. So
I’ve heard you and here are my promises to you,

I will campaign to bring awareness about the opportunities and rights that you have
and provide equal opportunities for International students in terms of Careers by
arranging more Careers and Employability Fairs at university.

I will promote International societies, organize culture-specific, multicultural
events to celebrate racial diversity, and integrate International students and national
students to help reduce the feeling of homesickness and isolation.

I will establish a support system during and after freshers week to provide advice
for students dealing with issues of settling in such as setting up a bank account,
phone contract, getting to know the city and adjusting to British culture to help
smooth transition into university.