General Representative

Autumn Elections 2019

Kal Aryal

My name is Kalyan Aryal, i am originally from Nepal a country known for its friendly & peaceful citizens, mountains and monuments. I am currently studying Immunology(Bsc) at the university and im standing in election for General Representative in the Student Representative Council (SRC).

As General Representative I will stand to
● Help societies overcome funding difficulties
● End marketisation of education
● Drive to sustain Post-Study Work Visa for international students
● I will work closely with the university and unions to stand against oppression that
individuals receive because of their identity

I believe I am worth your vote as i am easy to approach and I am sure that my fellow students at the university would be able to discuss any problems or difficulties they are facing. I would like this opportunity as it would allow me the chance to enhance and develop skills like leadership and being able to listen to different individuals.

Avantika Bhardwaj

Hi! I’m Avantika and I’m so excited for this opportunity to represent YOU!

I’m a Master’s student and I’m looking forward to exploring Glasgow. Having lived in India, USA, Jamaica, and South Africa, my experiences have brought out my friendly nature, desire to push the boundaries, learn new things, and value diversity and teamwork!

If elected, my aims would be to:

  • Support you! Your ideas and concerns will be at the top of my list.
  • Work to establish a Mentor Program which will unite students (new, current, and alumni) providing one-on-one support towards achieving academic goals, adjusting to a new environment, participating in various activities, and being there for each other.
  • Work to establish a Skill Connect program with networking events to share skills like music, dance, cooking, photography, sport, and much more!
  • Create an online Marketplace for buying and selling items.
  • Work to establish a student Ride Connect for joint travel, saving personal costs, and contributing towards a greener planet.

If elected, I am committed to working for and with you. We are #TeamUofG. Together, we dream. Together, we achieve.

I would love to connect with you! Please feel free to contact me at

And remember, vote Avantika!

Anastasiia Korosteleva

Hello, my name is Anastasiia and I am running for the position of SRC General Representative! The main reason for doing so is because I truly believe that every opinion matters and want to make sure that the voice of each one of you is heard!

Why should you vote for me?
• I am a Russian myself, however throughout the past two years I got really well integrated into the local life of Glasgow. This allows me to represent the interests of both, international and local students.
• Being an SRC freshers helper as well as a class representative made me understand how the council functions. I hope this, together with my skills gained through volunteering, TEDx Society and collaborative work with staff on the last years will help me improve your everyday University experience.

Which changes do I want to bring into the University life?
• Make sure that students can access their marked exam papers, rather than just
receive a grade without any feedback.
• Encourage different departments to record lectures and use audio recording, as a
solution for the classes that do not have video recording equipment installed yet.
• Increase awareness of all the SRC services available

Luke McBlain

Hello, my name is Luke McBlain and I’m a 2nd year Vet Student. I am running for the position of General Representative in the SRC.

I have been involved in lots of committees before, from fundraising to social and sports. I am currently the Association of Veterinary Students junior representative for our university.

This year I got an insight into the work the SRC do by being a Freshers Helper. This opportunity gave me understanding of the running of the SRC and the support they can give. This is one of the reasons I want to be a part of the work they do.

My main goals are:
• Ensure the SRC do everything they can to help tackle climate change and make
sure the University makes suitable changes to tackle it.
• Try and engage as many students as possible by opening up ‘Mind Your Mate’
Training sessions to increase mental health awareness.
• Campaign for sexual health testing drop in sessions on University campus
• Work to provide events monthly to prevent home students feeling isolated.
• Ensure Garscube and Dumfries students have more opportunities to get
integrated into main campus.
When polling day comes, Don’t just LOOK, vote LUKE!

Alejandro Serrano

  1. Safeguarding the mental well-being of students. Offer psychological interventions packages such as CBT and Mindfulness to students, in order to improve mental health and well-being outcomes. Provide protective as well as preventative measures to students, who will at some point in their university careers, need to provide support and action for those experiencing mental health problems.
  2. Put learning the language of mental health at the heart of education. Teaching courses to students on how to learn the way in which we need to discuss mental health, freely and openly. How to approach those experiencing mental health problems, and provide support.
  3. Empowering Students to Take the I Speak Mental Health Pledge. Creating a mental health pledge which educates and motivates students to assume the responsibility of World Savers by helping those experiencing mental health problems.
  4. Establishing Student Interdisciplinary Research Journal. Create a journal for students to work together between disciplines and publish original research, educating on how to solve global challenges and preparing for careers in research.
  5. Incorporating Student Entrepreneurship Into Campus Development. Ensuring campus re-development creates rentable spaces for students with commercial projects to use for their businesses.

Basel Shehabi

Hi Everyone! My name is Basel, currently on my 5th year, and I more or less understand the operation of the SRC having been previously involved both as a council member and a fresher’s helper last year. I have also been involved with many clubs and societies throughout my time as a student, thus giving me an understanding of what one might face. Hence as a general representative I would:

  • Hold drop-in sessions or hosting focus groups for all students to raise their concerns on any burning issues that may arise, as well as gathering feedback on things like representation, unions, etc…
  • Work closely with clubs and societies to: ensure their requirements are met whether through forums or surveys, help smaller societies flourish on campus by promoting them or holding taster sessions/stalls/fairs and if need – improve transparency of information on the SRC website
  • Advocate for more ‘Mind your Mate’ workshops that relate to other mental health issues such as anxiety or stress, whilst working closely with respective societies on campus to fight the stigma.
  • Push for bringing back dictionaries for foreign students during exams.

This list is not comprehensive as I’m always happy to help where needed!

Daniela Stark

Hello my name is Daniela Stark, I am a third year Geography student running for the role of General Representative for the SRC. Having worked for the past three years as a class representative, I have seen the importance of students having their voices heard and the impact that this has on running our University. I have thoroughly enjoyed relaying the feedback I have received from my classmates to my lecturers and if given the opportunity I would apply the skills developed in that position to the role of General Representative. I admire the presence that the SRC has on campus and have been involved in multiple activities related to the SRC such as volunteering with charities like GUSH and STAR and other events for example exam de-stress. If elected I pledge to carry out General Representative duties such as organising events and contributing to SRC meetings with up most enthusiasm and priority. I pledge to improve metal health support on campus by making the often hard to attain counselling sessions more accessible and expanding charitable support groups such as Nightline. As a keen environmentalist who also aims to make our campus more sustainable, I hope you vote for me!

Matthew Wilson

Hi, I’m Matthew. I’m a third year Computing Science student, and I’d like to represent you this year as a General Representative.

My main objectives are:

  • Get kettles or free hot water taps in the library, you shouldn’t have to pay or leave the library for hot water.
  • Install “Keep to the left” signs on the university stairs to reduce congestion and ease flow of people.
  • Get storage space for clubs and societies that are affiliated with the SRC.
  • Increase awareness of the mental health services provided by both the SRC and the university through more regular campus campaigns.

Last year I was an ordinary board member of Student Theatre At Glasgow, a position very similar to General Representative, so if elected, this will not be my first time being a member of a committee with this role. My degree of Computing Science and my involvement in student theatre are two things that aren’t often thought of together, but I hope it shows my ability to represent all sorts of people in my role.

On polling day, vote Matthew Wilson #1 General Representative!