Gender Equality Officer

Autumn Elections 2019

Julia Hegele

Hi there! My name is Julia Hegele (she/her), I’m a third year Theatre Studies student and I’d be honored to be your next Gender Equality Officer.
For many years now I’ve been an active participant in the societal battle for gender
equality. As Student Theatre at Glasgow’s Welfare Officer I launched the inaugural
International Women’s Week Festival, a weeklong event containing seminars,
workshops, and a feminist inclusive performance. I currently serve the Global Women’s
Caucus as campaign manager, and I’m proud to have organized the thematic structure
for the organization’s 2020 campaign: The State of the American Woman. Additionally I
have volunteer experience with a plethora of organizations that cater to the health and
well-being of women and non-binary individuals.
Gender is an issue that should not be an issue. I intend on working to enhance the safety
and comfort of those who’s gender identity places them at risk of discrimination or
If elected I’d seek to provide
● Accesible support for non-binary and trans individuals
● Destigmatized menstrual care and products
● Regular roundtable seminars for feminist societies on campus
● Mandated sexual violence training for the board of any affiliated society
See you at the polls!