First Year Representative

Autumn Elections 2019

Andrej Bederka

Hi everyone! My name is Andrej, I study Business & Management, and I’m running for the position of First-Year Representative. Prior to the university, I volunteered at the administrative sector for an orphanage, where my responsibilities included managing over 60 children. With the foundations I acquired, I want to make your first year more enjoyable.

The major concerns that I plan to discuss are:

Moodle – Many first-year students often find themselves lost while trying to find the necessary information.  Whether by creating functions in order to quickly find your subject materials, or simply adding a new dashboard card for recently added items by professors, it shouldn’t be a problem for students to make their way around.

Mental health –  When the dismal times come, contacting the psychologist doesn’t always seem like a necessity. Sometimes, you just need somebody who can relate to you. With respect to this, I firmly believe that I can help you and will be more than happy to talk to you if you need any advice.

I would be glad to become your representative and strive to make your life at the university easier.


Ilse Jansen

Hi, I am Ilse from the Netherlands. I am currently in my first year of Biomedical Engineering, and I will be running for the position of a First Year Representative. Having fulfilled representative jobs before, such as being a residential representative in my previous (boarding) high school, I am experienced with listening to the need of others and making assessments of the necessity for change, and the feasibility of certain ideas.

Through other projects, such as organising an introduction week and the annual sports event within my previous school, I have gained the useful skill to negotiate and liaise with authorities within an institution. Coming from the Netherlands, people have often described me as committed, straight to the point, and not afraid to speak out. These characteristics, combined with a sense of idealism and a fierce sense of justice and honesty make that I consider myself capable of representing the needs of first-year students within the university. Even though I have just started in this university and am therefore not yet very familiar with all the responsibilities and possibilities, I am very keen to explore these in order to improve the student body.

Emma Lindquist

I am sure that all of us Freshers can agree on at least one thing; that coming to university for the first time is overwhelming. As a first year student myself, I know what it feels like and I want to make use of my experiences (and yours) in order to help Freshers in the coming years.

As president for an organisation in my previous school back home in Sweden, I have been in charge of meetings for other students as well as taken part in larger official council meetings. This means that I am more than capable and willing to be part of the SRC and raise any questions or concerns that we, as first year students, may want to raise.

Two examples of such things could be:
– The tiresome and confusing process of enrolling to courses on MyCampus
– The overwhelming and stressful experience of Freshers’ Fair

My name is Emma Lindquist, I am in my first year of an undergraduate degree in English
Literature and I would love to be your First Year Representative.

Calum Macleod

My Name is Calum Macleod I am studying Business, Philosophy and Politics. I am outgoing and always up for a laugh and chat.

I am running for the Student Representative council because I am passionate about getting Students voices and issues Heard, being Dyslexic I have a faced a lot of challenges to be able to come to University. I want to assist people to be able to reach their full potential at University.

I will focus on

Looking into the possibility of reducing class sizes in lectures.

Will work with lecturers to see if it would be possible to arrange lecture notes to be issued before all Lectures.

Work with the University to improve layout of Moodle with student input.

I am Primarily running as I find as a 1st year Student myself and others are unaware of exactly what SRC is and does. So I would like to bring more awareness of What the SRC does.

I also feel I can offer a new perspective and bring my experience I have developed as a youth representative in School with Pupil Voice responsibilities. through corresponding between school management and pupils,  Please give me your support and vote Thank You.

Angela Ng

Hello. I am Angela Weihan Ng who is doing Mathematics, Music and Information studies.

My Promise

  1. Inclusiveness

As year 1s, ‘fun’ is always important. Hence, I will be sure to organise activities for all. Fret not about wanting to sign up for an activity, only to be disappointed by the word ‘full’!

  1. Enact change for Happiness

Trust me, when I say that I value your happiness. I believe everyone should feel happy, despite stressful academic days. I will always be listening to your problems and suggestions.

  1. New Perspectives, Breaking New Grounds

As an international student, I am certain that I will bring new perspectives to the SRC, and understand your struggles. I will represent you with passion, create new experiences for you, and sail the unchartered waters with you.

Past Experiences

2015: Class Vice-Chairperson of Crescent Girls’ School

2015-2016: Coordinator of Crescent Girls’ School Symphonic Band

2017-2018: Student Ambassador of Eunoia Junior College

2018-2019: Founding Committee of Eunoia Junior College Alumni Association

2019: Secretary of Eunoia Junior College Alumni Association

Should you have any questions for me, please do feel free to contact me at Weihan Ng (Angela) on Facebook, or @ng_weihan on Instagram.


Eugene Ritchie

Hi, I’m Eugene, an 18-year-old first year from small town between St Andrews and Dundee. I’m applying to be a First Year Rep in these elections because I feel passionately about providing a voice for first years who otherwise might not be heard.  I have experience as a pupil council member and head boy at my school, so I am used to representing my peers and making sure their concerns are dealt with.

I haven’t been here long enough to fully understand what needs to be done to make things better for first years here at Glasgow, but if elected I will be open to suggestions from all sides of university related issues. I will also ensure that LGBT+, disabled and BAME first year students have someone who will respect their wishes.

I am studying Psychology & Politics as my core subjects. In my third subject Philosophy I am a class rep which should give me more experience for this role. I also have a passion for music, and I would love to either jam with you on piano or guitar, or just fight with you about why my favourite bands are better than yours.

Thank you and please vote!

Ananya Venkatesan

Hey! I’m Ana.

Moving from what you’ve known all your life to something new is an experience that can be daunting.

A representative cannot truly be successful if they cannot perceive, understand, empathize and motivate the students they represent and over the past years, as a member of my school’s student council and head of my school’s MUN, I have learnt a lot about putting those attributes to practice.

Regardless of what subjects we’re studying or where we’re from, the ‘misfit’ feeling is very common and we need to have people to talk to; people we believe will look out for us.

If elected, apart from addressing your concerns directly, I aim to:

  1. Work closely with class reps to improve our classroom experience;
  2. Create a platform for first-years to voice our concerns anonymously; and
  3. Provide opportunities to interact with seniors and get their insight into life at the University of Glasgow.

If there’s one thing I’d like to say it’s this – NEVER be afraid to stand up for yourself for if you don’t like the way things are, if you want change, you need to be that change.

Katarina Zivkovic

Hey! I’m glad that you found the SRC’s website.

My name’s Katarina and I’m a first-year student in the School of Social and Political sciences, with my three subjects being Politics, Social & Public Policy and Business & Management.

Being a first-year student, I relate to the feeling of not knowing what on Earth is going on in the first week that you arrive. You hear about all these different student bodies, clubs and the SRC and probably ask yourself what they have to do with you, or why you should even be interested in the elections?

I want to help the SRC run events specifically catered towards first years to help you gain better insight into ways to get involved. Moreover, I want to set up a forum for questions to facilitate communication between the council and the students we represent.

We all know the hassle of emailing someone with a query, finally receive a response, only to find out that that they have forwarded your email to someone else. Assigning a few common topics to each General and First Year Representative could save all of us a lot of time.

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon!