School of Education


Kathy Jagger

I am Kathy Jagger, a fourth year Community Development UG in the School of Education.  I have 4 children, 2 who have additional needs and I run support groups on Facebook for carers.

Since being a Freshers helper during Freshers week I have become aware of far more support and services than I believed available.

For the last three years there has been no student representation from the School of Education and I think this is indicative of how much information the school as whole gives to students.  As many of the staff and classes are based within the St Andrews Building there is a tendency to become isolated and unaware of what is happening on the main campus.

If you elect me I would aim to bring the Student Representative Council closer to the School of Education and ensure that all students are aware of the role the SRC plays within the University.  I would also liaise with Class Reps and lecturers to make sure that any issues were raised in an appropriate manner.

I would work with students to look at placements and how these could be improved both in the quality of placement and of supervision.