School of Chemistry


Harry McLachlan

My name is Harry McLachlan and I am a third year student. I have loved my time in Glasgow and I want to make sure everyone does. As a representative I will always be there to talk to, about anything, at any time. I will be the bridge between students and staff, and keep everyone informed on what is working well, and new ideas we could implement.

The Alchemist Society is keen to be more accessible to undergraduates, and I will work with them to ensure everyone is aware of events, talks and socials that occur for our School. I would like the Chemistry Department to become more sociable across years. For every interested student I would randomly create groups from all years that would be in regular contact and help one another with exams, placements and so on. An Alchemist Society social would be the great place for everyone to meet for the first time.

I will work with the SRC and Chemistry Department to get lectures recorded, a  great tool for revision and extremely helpful if you miss a lecture.

Please contact me through the SRC, Chemistry Department, Facebook or my email ( and vote at !!!

Yasmin Moazen Jamshidi

My name is Yasmin. I’m currently in my final year of my Chemistry Bsc (Hons) degree. This year I have been involved in the Alchemist society committee with our main goal being to improve undergraduate involvement in many of the events we organise throughout the year.


  • Staff Office Hours:
    • During my degree I have found it can be quite difficult to get a hold of chemistry staff to ask questions about lecture material out with tutorial time as some are often busy or out of office. If elected, I would like to improve this process by working with members of staff to organise office hours — time allocated by staff where they will be in their office available for student’s questions.
  • Booking Tutorial during Exam Leave:
    • Around exam leave especially, booking rooms for group study at the library is quite competitive. I believe that it would be beneficial for students to have the option to book rooms in the Joseph Black building without booking centrally through teaching staff. Ideally, I would like to set up a system so that during exam leave, unused tutorial rooms could be utilised for this purpose.