School of Geographical and Earth Sciences


Kirsty Summers

Hello, I’m Kirsty Summers, a fourth year Geography student.

I am suited in becoming the SRC School Representative, due to previous SRC involvements. Having been a Fresher’s helper in 2016 and 2018, I have gotten to know the council and learn how the SRC functions in support of the students; it has also given me an insight into how the university operates. I have also been a Geography class rep and seen their role in creating a student voice.

Currently there is no school representative, and this needs to change. With a current emphasis on student welfare and funding, it’s these areas I would like to focus on if elected. My aim would be to increase the support between faculty and students, but also between the students themselves. I would do this through monthly meetings with any/all school students and staff to allow for a more direct conversation about academic or welfare issues. I would also aim to begin a new buddy system providing new students with additional peer support. Furthermore, I would like to continue the work from previous years looking at funding for field trips, particularly in Earth Science, to ensure academic opportunities for all.

Thanks for reading.

Agnes Berner

I’m Agnes, a second-year student of geography and politics, and I’m running to be your school rep to fight for a more fair, democratic, and accessible university within and outside our school.

I have 3 key reasons for running for this position:

  1. We need more transparent and accessible feedback on exams. The current feedback system makes is inadequate and unfair to the labour of both students and staff.
  2. Much of the space in East Quad is often unused, yet unavailable. In collaboration with staff, I will push for better use of the space for GES students, especially in exam periods when study space is sparse.
  3. The cost of field trips has been an issue for years within both Geography and Earth Science. We need to recognise that this is not just a problem within our school, but something that needs to be a part of a greater debate with senior management about the prioritization of university funds. I will push for the SRC to take up that debate.

If elected I will work in cooperation with students, class reps, relevant societies, and academic staff to achieve these goals and ensure that every student’s needs are met.