School of Critical Studies


Chris Dobson

My name is Chris Dobson and I’m running for the position of School Representative for the School of Critical Studies (SCS). I’m 22 years old and I’m doing an MLitt in English Literature. I have previously served as a class representative, so I have experience of acting as a staff-student liaison. Because my degree is part-time, I have lots of free time which I can dedicate to my role, if I am elected. I would like to represent the SCS because I want to ensure that every student has the best time here, both in terms of academic growth and simply having fun. Coming to university can be daunting and I intend to ensure that the SCS is an open and welcoming environment. If you have a problem, I want to hear about it and get it sorted. I will utilise social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to more students and hear their views. I also want to foster more communication between undergraduate and postgraduate students through informative drop-in sessions, as well as run regular events to facilitate greater interaction between different schools, because I am a firm believer in the importance of an interdisciplinary approach.

Nina Donald

Hey, I’m Nina and I’ll be running for election as your School of Critical Studies representative. I’m a third year English Literature undergrad fresh off the back of a year abroad as well as fresher’s helping with the SRC. Detoxed and ready to go, I’m enthusiastic to kick-start positive change and represent your views.

Through my experiences working on campus as an intern and teaching abroad in Spain, I’ve gained many different skills; the top two being listening and communication. Fresher’s helping this year cemented these, and I build rapport with people at all levels, which is why I believe I’ll get the job done for you.

What I’ll Do

Fight to change the issue of frequent room changes.

Pursue the issue of room allocations for the same class being at opposite ends of campus.

Increase visibility and promote societies related to school of critical studies subjects.

Seek to improve the channels of communication between students and class reps.

Offer obscure and often pointless idioms to the electorate.

Strive for better patter than demonstrated in point above.

You’ll probably see me cutting about campus on a nextbike (free membership for GU students!!), so please say hi and vote for me!