PG Convenor Science and Engineering


Jamie Quinn

Hey, I’m Jamie and I’m a 3rd year PhD student studying the effect of viscosity on heating in our sun, even though I’m technically part of Maths & Stats…

In the past two years I’ve been part of the Student Liaison group for the College of Science & Engineering and sat on the College’s Graduate School board, defending the IP rights of students, working on the new PhD buddy system, along with contributing in smaller ways to the improvement of our Graduate School.

With this experience, as PG convenor I would aim to do a few specific things:

  • Encourage student reps to be more proactive in gathering issues from their schools.
  • Work to improve communal student spaces in schools lacking in space, like Psychology.
  • Encourage schools to invest in relevant publications for student access (e.g. New Scientist, Nat Geo, The Economist, etc).
  • Improve social integration of MSc/MEng students into schools.
  • Work with student societies to attract more PG members (Chemistry does this very well).

Of course, I’d also work closely with the representatives, student liaison group, and the graduate school to help tackle other issues raised by students.

Nitin Kanukolanu

Hi, I’m Nitin, a student studying MSc Data Science and I would like to be your Postgraduate Convenor for the College of Science and Engineering this year.
During my undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas, I have had a plethora of experience serving as an engineering student senator in Student Senate where I represented a diverse set of students while actively promoting engineering organizations. I also helped create a successful campus with other senators and staff through programs dealing with academics, student safety, and multicultural education.
As your representative I will:
1. Ensure that you are cognizant and involved in any policy or decision that affects your student education and experience
2. Help improve communication between students, staff, and administration
3. Assist both taught and research students while ensuring an equal representation
4. Implement programs that encourage postgraduate students to continue their research beyond academic boundaries
5. Increase awareness about mental health and help students find the resources they need
6. Actively promote current initiatives being implemented by the SRC
I will usher in a more inclusive environment for you during my tenure, so vote Nitin for the Convenor of Postgraduate College of Science and Engineering!