General Representative


Muhammad Fahd Asif

I am running for GENERAL REPRESENTATIVE in the forthcoming election to ensure that your voice is heard, and I have the relevant skills and experience to do so.

Having previously represented the school of Mathematics and Statistics, I am fully aware of how the council functions.

I aspire to bring real changes by implementing the following policies:

1) Video Lectures: I was able to get some lectures recorded in the Mathematics and Statistics department. I will try to convince other departments to start working on this initiative, as this would be extremely beneficial for the students.

2) Feedback: I want to further improve student feedback by using the class response system (YACRS) for better student engagement with the lecturer.

3) Library Access: I will assist the VP-Education and strive for the continuation of the 24-hour library access during the exam season.

4) Promoting Society led Workshops: I will work with societies to hold ‘student helping workshops’.

Whilst working alongside a diverse group of people on the council, I gained first-hand experience of working closely in the office. I know what my future responsibilities are, should I become the General Representative.

Vote for Muhammad! #1 General Representative

Minjie You

Hi! I am Minjie You. Currently I am a third-year student in Accounting with Finance, hoping to become a General Representative and I would love to have your supports. I am the head of Sponsorship Management in Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association, where I developed my leadership, decision making and communication skills. As a leader, I mainly assigned tasks to the members and solved problems and conflicts between sponsors and our association. My responsibilities seeking and signing contracts with sponsors to support our major events, which include airport pickups for freshers, Spring Festivals, Mid-Autumn’s Day, and Scottish ceilidh prom.

Here I would underpin some ideas I have if I was selected to be the General Representative:

Bridge between staff and students, becoming part of active students and have their voices heard;

Gather feedback from the students and try to provide resources and opportunities they want;

Speak on behalf of all students on campus;

Work with clubs and societies, ensuring there would be a closer engagement with students.

I am an energetic individual with ardour to help!  I wish these ideas and thoughts are appealing to you. Please vote me if you want to make a difference together with me!

Charlotte Jin

Hello! I’m Chen. I’m a second year student, studying Business & Management and Digital

Media&Information Studies. I hope to be your new General Representative.

In my first year at university I was nominated as a class representative for Business&Management.

My responsibility is to act as a link between the school council and students, being the first point

of contact for students who have opinions or questions related to the course or university.

Through this experience, I have developed my communications skills, confidence, and improved

my time management skills through balancing my social and academic life.

If I was elected, here are some ideas that I have:

More promotions of the resources and supports on campus, including 24/7 support for students,

more experience opportunities, and making school resources more accessible.

Increase engagement with students individually.

Continue working with school staff in order improve students’ experience at university.

Engage more students with a variety of clubs and societies, and support clubs and societies

through promoting.

I am an enthusiastic individual with experience who will be a voice for all! I hope these ideas

appeal to you and would be much appreciated if you vote for me!

Tom McFerran

Being a part of the SRC is an important role in the university.  Students representing students is the only way for progress to be achieved.  I want to be your general representative because I feel it is the best way for me to tackle the problems faced by students across the board, from academics, to extracurricular, all the way down to mental health support. My main objectives are:

  • Push for a more access to mental health services along with pushing for greater collaboration with the university and NHS services
  • Increased promotion of the “Lets Talk About Sexual Violence” workshops across campus
  • Push for more cross-campus charitable/fundraising events and promotion of them by all student bodies
  • Greater transparency on what spending is occurring to improve the student experience, including better work spaces and quiet spots around campus

I have had experience as digital marketing coordinator for RAG for a year and have close ties with the SRC already, and if put in this role I will push for what students want, need and deserve.

When the polls open, vote Tom McFerran No 1 for General Representative!

Marco She

Hello, my name’s Marco She and I’m a 5th year student in Political Communication. I’m from Hong Kong and started studying in the UK when I was 15. I’ve also studied at Glasgow International College.

Why vote for me?

  • Being a SRC Freshers’ Helper for the past three years (Team Leader this year) has provided me with insight into how the SRC functions and allowed me to understand the commitment needed to improve student welfare and equality.
  • When serving as a committee member of both the Politics Society and European Society, I’ve proved I’m capable of organising large-scale events for students to socialise while engaging academically.

Aims and Objectives

  • Start a campaign to donate unsold food from university caters to local soup kitchens
  • Create a live chat with advisers on the SRC website during working hours
  • Make crucial information about the SRC and university more accessible, especially for students who don’t stay at university halls or missed Freshers’ Week
  • Arrange talks for international graduates-to-be on the prospects of working in the UK
  • Offer extra help for Ordinary Degree students and seek information on the recognition and legitimacy of the degree to employers globally

VOTE Marco She #1 Gen Rep #ShesTheOne

Matej Ballaty

Hi, I’m Matěj, a Politics, Economics student from the Czech Republic. As a First-Year representative and member of SEC last year, I learned how the SRC can shape our University – from affecting University Policy to bringing llamas on campus – and I want to make my contribution.

I am a board-member of multiple societies, including TEDx, the Dialectic Society and Quidditch, which, I hope, demonstrates both my enthusiasm and skills needed to drive change.

These are the topics I would like to focus on:

  • Class Representatives. As a past class rep myself, I know the selection of and communication with class reps prevents an effective feedback loop. I have started working on a guide for lecturers, and will pilot a mentoring scheme under which new class reps would be better supported.
  • SRC visibility. The SRC is involved in crucial conversations, like campus redevelopment or West-End living costs. However, because this information is difficult to find, students struggle to see how the SRC changes anything. My goal is to bring students into discussions by creating events where participation would be easier.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas, feel free to email me at

Thanks for reading!

Jialin Huang

Hello! I’m JiaLin Huang.  I’m a student in second year, and my major is business economics. I’d like you to elect me as your SRC General Representative. I feel I have distinctive perspective on how the university can improve students’ life on campus. I was leading a sports team in high school, acting as a communication channel between my teammates and school staffs. Also, I built a great team cohesion. I would love to do the same again in my university life.

What I want to achieve as General Representative are:

Become available to individual student and voice for all;

Work more closely with clubs, societies, sports teams in order to offer more resources and opportunities for students on campus;

Be an interface between students and the school council;

To represent the views of students on all matters that are related to their academic on social life;

Develop my communication skills and sense of responsibility

I am an experienced and outgoing candidate. I would like to support students at university and try my best to help. Thank you for reading!

Morgan Daniel

Hello, I’m Morgan Daniel and I’m in my 3rd year of studying Psychology and Neuroscience. I’m running this year to represent you as a General Representative.

I have been a class representative for the past two years, representing both 1st year Psychology and 2nd year Human Biology. This, alongside freshers helping with the SRC this year has given me plenty of experience in understanding how the SRC is run and what it can do for us as students across different levels.

Coming from an unusual joint honours I am not tied to one college and general representative would allow me to represent as many students as possible from all different backgrounds throughout the university – regardless of year, level of study or course.

My aims:

  • To improve cross campus relations between postgrad and undergraduate students by encouraging more events run in conjunction with the unions and the Mature Student Association.
  • To provide as much support as possible to home students to help them feel involved with all aspects of the university
  • To make students more aware from the start of their degree of the counselling and psychological services that are available to them at the university

Pease remember to vote!

Rosie Reid

Hi! My name is Rosie, I am a 4th year in Psychology and Theology and Religious studies and I would love to be an SRC General Representative. I have been a part of the Raising and Giving committee for the past year and through this have learnt about all the amazing services that the SRC offer.

If elected my main aims would be to:

  • Raise awareness of the range of services that the SRC have available and to help all students benefit from them.
  • Promote cross-campus relations, in particular, make RAG week a time for all student bodies to come together to raise money for some amazing causes.
  • Get rid of the revolving door in the library.

I feel like I am a good candidate for this position as am an approachable and sociable student, so people should feel free to talk to me about any issues that they want to raise. I have also been a class representative for the past 3 years which has given me the communication skills necessary for raising concerns and developing effective solutions.