Disability Equality Officer


Shaun Green

 My name is Shaun, and I am studying in the College of Arts. I have Dyspraxia and Asperger syndrome. As well as myself, various members of my family have disabilities. One is blind, another confined to a wheelchair and a third has mental health problems. Due to this, I have a good grounding which gives me the experience necessary to represent you through your journey at Glasgow. I have also volunteered with mental health organisations which has given me a deeper understanding of how having a disability effects the person mentally and physically enabling me to sympathise with all students who have a limitation on campus.

If allected I will focus on four main initiatives:

  1. Increasing availability and accessibility of disabled services.
  2. Working to remove or reword any language within written media that may be misinterpreted by those with a range of disabilities.
  3. Hold a monthly drop-in session. To meet and discuss any problems and issues you may have with regards to your life at Glasgow.
  4. Work to ensure that the Disabled Student network on Facebook meets your needs and expectations.

Make your vote count at the upcoming Autumn elections and vote for me.

Yu Sun

Hi, i’m Sami(YU SUN), a fourth year business economics student.  I am supply to be your SRC Disability Equality Officer.

Because the more I think about this idea, the more tremendous i think it is. I want to be challenged,  i might even want to be needed. Some stuff might take a bit to figure out, but i’ll get there. Eager to learn.

Since 2017, I am also the Head and responsible for Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association Organisational Department. I regularly organise activities with my team to ensure that Chinese students and local Glaswegians have joint events and platforms to encourage cultural exchange. These events include the Scottish Ball, the Chinese New Year Gala and other large-scale events. Volunteering for this organisation has given me a strong sense of responsibility and accomplishment because in my small way I am building bridges between communities.

If you elect me, I will:

Regularly collect mail for their thoughts about the state of disability equality on campus and what issues need to be addressed,think of several solutions that are suitable for solving, and then discuss with schools.

I’m an experienced, approachable candidate who will be a voice for all.

Jen Reid

My name is Jen Reid and I am running for to be your disability equality officer. I am a third year international student studying statistics.

As many of you know, the university is rapidly growing and I want to ensure that disabled students will be able to take full advantage of the new infrastructure. I will make sure all needs are heard and shared with the appropriate planning committee.

I would like to enhance support available to disabled students and improve training for members of University staff.

I would also like to grow and raise awareness of the disabled student’s network and create inclusive events for students to meet and socialize together. I’d like to make these events well known and visible on campus so that we can reach and help as many students as we can.

Again, my name is Jen Reid and I would love the opportunity to serve as your disability equality officer this year.