Accessible Formatting

GUSRC continues to campaign for accessible formatting across the university.

This ranges from ensuring lecture materials are available in accessible forms so font sizes can be adapted, to providing reading lists at least one month before a course begins. Good colours and contrast can make a huge different to students who may be colour blind, short sighted or with forms of dyslexia where colours effect readability. Having said this, we all know how frustrating it can be when you have a Powerpoint presentation and the text is unreadable. This is why we are campaigning for good formatting practice to make learning more accessible.

Guidance has now been written for staff on supporting students with disabilities through accessible formatting. However there are still further steps to be made to ensure that this best practice is being used by all staff across the university. We will continue to push for this across all schools.

For more information see the Accessible Formatting campaign poster below. A PDF version of the Accessible Formatting campaign poster is also available.