Will you celebrate with GUST this October?

Glasgow University Student Television are celebrating their fifty years of student television this year. Will you be joining them?

Even though it is summer time and most of you are enjoying your summer holidays away from campus (no doubt in some exotic destinations), our own GUST are busy preparing for their 50th Birthday extravaganza! It seems that GUSTies have even longer working hours than the new exec, we should make them have lunch with us to ensure that they take breaks too! However, I am sure that these preparations in advance will be fruitful and results are going to impress everyone.

It was only a day or two after I had won the SRC election to be the new Vice-President Student Activities when I received my invitation to the GUST 50th Birthday. And I’ve been excited about this event ever since! During the past year, I have had a chance to see the work of GUST, how creative and professional they are. Moreover, we got invited to their screening in May which showcased some of the amazing work they have done over the past year. It was a chance to meet the new team and remember one more time how proud we should be for having them around. A year ahead seems to be very promising; with a strong team and an impressive number of awards under their belt from last year they have set the bar even higher. If you have not heard before, GUST was extremely successful in National Student Television Association (NaSTA) Awards. Maybe every birthday dinner table will have a name of an award that GUST has won? We are curious to know!
The oldest, continually run student TV station in the world would be delighted if you decide to celebrate with them. There is still some time to get a cheaper ticket for £30 (until July 7th, 9 am). Normal ticket price is £40 and you can get them by following the link: GUST 50 Tickets @ GUSRC Box Office

Have a great weekend; I know I’ll spare some time this evening to watch an episode of ‘Lassies’!