VCS Awards: Let’s Celebrate Our Achievements

This year we received 200 nominations for 10 different categories for VSC awards!

Volunteering, Clubs and Societies awards take place every year to celebrate all the amazing societies, volunteers and everyone’s creativity that we have plenty of here on campus. This year was extremely successful for nominations – we received 200 nominations for 10 different categories. I hope you will understand me when I say that it was extremely difficult to pick the winners!

Yesterday we, clubs and societies committee, were working on this task. Some statistics for you: overall there were 43 unique societies and people nominated. Currently we have 240 affiliated societies and 28 different volunteering projects.

I know that many clubs and societies get up to a lot of different activities which sometimes do not get nominated, which is a shame – just a few minutes of your time can mean so much to people who put their efforts in; it’s great to be recognised for what you do and do well. So if you are reading this, please remember that next year, when VSC awards publicity will catch your eye! Maybe it is a course-mate of yours that always rushes off to their volunteering project? Or maybe your flatmate is going on non-stop about this event that they are doing? Or did a club get your attention at the Fresher’s fair and you loved your time there? Don’t forget these things. Even though back home we say that chickens are counted in autumn, we can celebrate our achievements in spring.

Come to the Volunteering, Clubs and Societies Award ceremony this Thursday evening in room 201, John McIntyre building. We will have performances from the Kelvin Ensemble, Contemporary Musicians United, KCSoc, Pole dancing club – I am sure it will be a lot of fun!