Today is the day #divest

Today is the day that Glasgow University Court will decide whether it will divest from the Fossil Fuel industry; following a yearlong campaign by the GU Climate Action Society, supported by GUSRC.

In my Freshers’ Address speech, where I addressed all incoming students, I spoke about the opportunities that we have while studying her University of Glasgow, the opportunity to be a world changer and be part of the incredible history; a history that involves so many great staff and students before us. I finished the speech with a line that I like to think about when I’m doing my work as SRC President, one which has been embodied by everyone involved in the divestment campaign.

“Have compassion for others, pride in your work and integrity in your opinions.”

And this fantastic group of campaigners, the Glasgow Uni Climate Action Society, have personified everything about this. They have shown great compassion for future generations by protecting our homes and surroundings from the devastation of climate change. They have shown pride in their work seen by the incredible demos, flash mobs and protests carried out on campus, and they have shown strong moral principles by standing for something that they believe in.

Universities are not just here to give you your degree and send you on your way. Universities should be encouraging open discussions that challenge views, facilitating debates that become action, and action that can have an incredible impact on the lives of people both locally and globally. We are here to become active citizens.

One day, we will be asked what we have done?
On that day, we can say that we did everything we could.
Because on this Day; we have an opportunity to be “Be The Change You Want To See In The World” and DIVEST FROM THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY.

I will be attending University Court at 1:00 today and will be voting in favour of divestment and arguing my reasoning for doing so to all present.