SRC Sabb Blog #5 – VP Education

Throughout the academic year, our GUSRC Executive provide an update on the work they’ve been carrying out to make your experience at the University of Glasgow even better. Our next update comes from VP Education, Hannah-May Todd

Hi again folks! It’s Hannah here, your VP Education at the SRC. I’m back to give you an update about what I’ve been working on recently to improve your academic experience at the University of Glasgow. If you’re wondering what we full time student representatives (sabbatical officers) get up to and what recent wins we’ve had, these Sabb Blogs are the best place to find out.

Lecture Recording – #lecrec
Launching this campaign has been hugely rewarding. With the help of class representatives this campaign encouraging lecturers to opt in to the current lecture recording policy has gone from strength to strength. In collaboration with Central Timetabling we have been able to see the increase in lecture recording which has been student driven from the beginning (see table below).  Following this success, I’m now working with university staff to try to change the current lecture recording policy.

  Session 2016/17 Session 2017/18
Total Hours of lecture recording 1,522 2,339
Total events of lecture recording  69 1,299

Moodle Improvement
Moodle Minimum, a list of what Moodles should contain, written by me, has been passed at University Learning and Teaching Committee as guidance for staff. I am now working with a group of staff in the university to create more consistent Moodle templates to help teaching staff develop their Moodle sites. This will lead to us and the university being able to identify examples of good practise and being able to recognise innovative Moodle sites.

Student Friendly Accessible and Inclusive Learning Policy
This policy,  passed in 2017, ensures that students have access to the materials and support they need to succeed at university. As students are the key to the success of this policy being followed I’ve recently created a student friendly version. If parts of the policy aren’t being adhered to, then we want students to bring it to staff’s attention via email or through your class representative.

24/7 Library Access
Thanks to those of you who gave us feedback on the 24/7 trial during the winter examinations – it was interesting and useful for us to see your thoughts on this which we shared with library staff.

Upcoming events:

Class Representative Conference – 21st February 11-3pm
I’m looking forward to another opportunity to connect with our extremely hard working class representatives – a great part of my job. Class reps will be able to give us feedback, feed into key university developments and meet one another so I’m excited to see what comes out of the day. If any class reps have yet to receive an invite, let me know.

Student Teaching Awards – Nominations close Friday 23rd February 5pm
The Student Teaching Awards are an amazing chance to celebrate undergraduate, postgraduate and research staff here at Glasgow University. I’m constantly amazed by the effort and support that staff and student representatives give students here at the university. I cannot stress how important it is you nominate now!

Spring Elections 2018 – 28th March 9am – 1st April 5pm
We are almost reaching our Spring Election polling days. This is your chance to have a say in who will represent you over the next year, so please do find the time to vote!

These are just an example of what I have been working on so far, but there is a lot more I could go into. This job is a dream; day in and day out there is at least a small win which each of the sabbatical officers make for students. Spring Election nominations close tomorrow at 4pm but if you want to know more about my role or are interested in running for an Academic position on Council, please don’t hesitate to contact me at