Spring Elections 2019: Nominations are now open!

Election nominations are now open! Keep reading to find out more!

Nominations for elections are now open.

Running for a position is a good way to have your voice heard and a chance for you to help to improve your campus for yourself and your fellow peers.

We spoke to former Councillors about why they decided to run and they spoke of a number of reasons including –

The chance to:

  • Actively get involved on campus and to learn more about how it works
  • Meet new friends
  • Learn more about the structure of the university
  • Network and build up your CV/ add something to your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement) transcript.
  • And most importantly… get invited and events and eat all the food and well and truly live that boujee life #justkidding.

All jokes aside, if you’re interested in running then make sure you check out the candidate packs (and how to put yourself forward for a position) here.