More to Glasgow than Gilmorehill

It may only be week two in the office for us but we have already managed to meet up with our equivalents from the Dumfries and Singapore Campuses.

So it’s week two for us in the office, and it’s been a really interesting one!

On Tuesday we got to meet up with the President and two Vice Presidents of the Student Body from the Universities’ Singapore Campus. They are very enthusiastic about getting things done over there from things like an end of year celebration to ensuring academic appeals get dealt with properly. We are eager to try and work with them as well to promote what the SRC can offer them, a big one being the Advice Centre! We know that students at the Singapore campus want to engage, last year saw the first student from there posting to Student Voice!

We are also working closely with the Dumfries Campus, yesterday we went down to see their association’s president Rebecca. There were a number of points raised out of the meeting, and to start with we agreed to work upon getting their extra-curricular achievements onto their Higher Education Academic Report so it can all be verified for employers, and to look into improving connections between them and the main Gilmorehill Library.

It’s often easy to forget the University stretches out any further out than the St Andrews Building, but it does! It stretches out hundreds and thousands of miles, but hopefully this week will mark the start of some very good relationships between the SRC and the students we represent outside of the Main Campus. Bring on 2014-15!


  1. AGP · 11 July 2014 at 10:14a

    Those of us on the Dumfries Campus are pleased that the SRC is taking an active role in supporting students here. There a positive ‘can do’ attitude from both sides. Let’s keep the momentum going! 🙂

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