We want more dogs on campus!

Last week, Canine Concern Scotland brought 6 dogs to our campus and students appreciated this opportunity to reduce stress in a bit different and uncommon way.

Last Friday we had dogs in the Williams room. Your response was amazing – all the spaces were gone in less than 24 hours, and we got about 200 people through the doors!

Students had a chance to meet six different dogs. Which one was your favourite? I really enjoyed cuddling the small ones! Probably my flatmate and I need to move on with our ‘Borrow My Doggy’ application in order to have more dogs in our life, big and small.

It was lovely too see so many postgraduate students attending. From the feedback forms it looks like that postgraduates and second year students especially seemed to enjoy the day. Moreover, the feedback showed that all of the participants felt less stressed after the session. There were people who came in just before or straight after their exams, I hope they felt the benefit of the session.

The feedback we received was very encouraging:

“I really enjoyed spending time with the dogs, all the owners were really nice and friendly and the dogs were great! Please come again!”
“Please come back again soon, I loved all the dogs and this is desperately needed to relieve stress amongst students! Thank you so much!”
“I really enjoyed the experience; I think I can feel happy again despite the stress! Thank you very much!”

I would like to thank to Canine Concern Scotland Trust that brought us these therapets with their project ‘Paws Against Stress’ and all the volunteers that dedicated their time to spend with students. It was lovely to have everyone around, and I can tell you a little secret… you should keep an eye for another two very exciting announcements next term (if you know what I mean!)!

Happy holidays!

Gintare with therapet dog
Gintare with Canine Concern Scotland Trust therapet dog