Exciting new Postgraduate Buddy Scheme

Studying for a PhD is exciting and rewarding, but it can also be stressful and isolating. The SRC are here to help.

Starting a PhD is a very exciting time, but it can also be a stressful time for some individuals and this can have a knock-on effect on your anxiety levels and general wellbeing. Some incoming PhD students are new to Glasgow or the UK and we understand how this new environment can add to the worries of starting their studies.

The SRC has developed a new Postgraduate Buddy scheme to help alleviate some of the initial worry and anxiety that many will naturally feel during their first year as a PhD student. The intention of the scheme is to assist 1st years in developing new social networks and more generally helping them settle into life here at Glasgow.

The scheme works by pairing an existing PhD student with a new 1st year PhD student to offer information, support and pastoral advice. Whether 1st years are having difficulties with their workload, struggling with time-management or just feeling slightly overwhelmed by the whole process, PhD Buddies are there to give students another, more relaxed, avenue of support. Buddies will be able to offer peer support and share their own experiences with 1st years; letting them know they are not alone. These “buddies” are not professional counsellors but they are there to help new students adjust to life as a PhD student.

The Postgraduate Buddy Scheme has been designed to complement the established support networks already available to PhD students, such as supervisors, advisers of studies, the SRC Advice Centre, and the University’s Counselling and Psychological Service (CAPS) and Buddies will be trained to signpost these services when necessary.

If you feel that the SRC’s PG Buddy Scheme is something you would like to be involved in as a new or continuing PhD student then please email gilchristpgclub@src.gla.ac.uk with your name and your College/School. If you would rather wait until you are here and see how the first few weeks and months go, then you can sign-up at a later date.

We ask you to remember that this is a brand new scheme and as such, we appreciate any feedback you can give us on helping to make it a success. We have already had a large number of students get in touch looking to be buddies, but we are always looking for more.

We look forward to seeing you soon!