Student Teaching Awards 2013/14

There are many great teachers across the University and the Student Teaching Awards (STAs) are your opportunity to recognise and appreciate the teaching that helps and supports you most here in Glasgow.

The 2013/14 Student Teaching Awards Ceremony was held on the 14th of March in the University’s Senate Room. The night was a great success, with entertainment from Choral Stimulation and awards presented by many SRC council members. We received around 750 nominations, nominating 354 unique staff across the University.

This gave the SRC panel who picked the shortlists and winners an incredibly tough job.

Here are some photos of the event as well as the full list of those who were shortlisted and the eventual winners.

Keep an eye on for a highlights programme of the evening and many thanks to all of you who submitted a nomination.

Oli Coombs
SRC VP Education

Shortlist & Winners

Best College Teacher – College of Science & Engineering

  • Winner: Calum Cossar
  • Cristina Persano
  • Jeremy Singer
  • Sara Sereno
  • Patrick O’Donnell

Best College Teacher – College of Social Sciences

  • Winner: Ammon Cheskin
  • Andrzej Huczynski
  • Ioannis Thanos
  • Raymond McCluskey

Best College Teacher – College of Arts

  • Dougal Campbell
  • Margaret Tejerizo
  • Marc Alexander
  • Winner: Ben Colburn
  • Anselm Heinrich

Best College Teacher – College of MVLS

  • Winner: Ed Tobias
  • Michelle Welsh
  • Ruth Fulton
  • Victoria Paterson
  • Kevin O’Dell

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching

  • Jane MacKenzie
  • Lymphoedema PG Teaching Team
  • Matthew Walters

Best Advisor of Studies

  • Linda Knox
  • Winner: Elizabeth Tanner
  • Ann Gow
  • Paul Cockshott
  • Susan Stuart

Best Class Representative

  • Winner: Jakub Czech
  • Karoliina Pulkkinen
  • Sarah Mclean
  • Quanbing Chen
  • Mohammad Aasim

Best Support Staff

  • Winner: Alison Bennett
  • Shazia Ahmed
  • Helen Gilday
  • Anthony Sweeten
  • Robert McDonald

Focus on Employability Award

  • Winner: Brian Baillie
  • Fiona Dunn
  • Suzanne McCallum

Best Supervisor UG

  • Winner: Cian O’Driscoll
  • Ashraf Ayoub
  • Ulrich Kraehmer
  • Sheila Graham

Best Supervisor PG

  • Winner: Georgina Collins
  • John McKernan
  • Stephany Biello
  • Lorna Morrow

Best Postgraduate who Tutors

  • Giuseppe Bova
  • Horatiu Bota
  • Winner: Patricia ‘Iolana
  • Ann–Christine Simke

Best Feedback Award

  • Winner: Michelle Welsh
  • Fraser MacBride
  • Lisa Irene Hau
  • Ian Strachan

Innovative Teaching

  • Winner: Willy Maley
  • Alan Owen
  • Costas Panayotakis
  • David Bourne