Student Teaching Awards 2012/13

STA 2012/13 nominees and winners.

Best College Teacher

A chance to nominate the overall best teacher in your college.

Science and Engineering
Winner: Alistar Craw
Nominee: Calum Cossar
Nominee: Sara Sereno

Winner: Ed Tobias
Nominee: Neil Evans
Nominee: Chris Finlay

Winner: Dougal Campbell
Nominee: Thomas Munck
Nominee: Katrin Uhlig

Social Sciences
Winner: Matt Dawson
Nominee: Patrick Bell
Nominee: Raymond McClusky

Best Advisor of Studies

For the advisor that goes that extra mile to guide you through your time at uni.
Winner: Mike Broad
Nominee: Stephen Marrit
Nominee: Elizabeth Tanner

Best research supervisor

For the brilliant supervisors out there that guide you through your research projects.
Winner: Rebecca Mancy
Nominee: Sarah Armstrong
Nominee: Stephany Biello

Best dissertation supervisor

For the best supervisors that helps you along with your dissertation
Winner: Phillips O’Brien
Nominee: Colleen Batey
Nominee: Ray Stokes

Best postgrad who tutors

For the tutors out there that give fantastic teaching who also happen to be postgrads
Winner: Andrea Thompson
Nominee: Emeline Morin
Nominee: Monika Winiarczyk

Best support staff

For the staff out there that don’t teach, such as administrators, counseling, international support and much more! Those who still go out of their way to cater to students.
Winner: Maggie Baistew
Nominee: Shazie Ahmed
Nominee: Stuart Davis
Nominee: Alan Scott

Best focus on employability skills

For the staff member that highlights your career potential and helps you develop skills and graduate attributes.
Winner: Dickon Copsey
Nominee: Anne Dunlop
Nominee: Suzanne McCallum

Best feedback

For the staff who provide the best and most helpful feedback on your work, allowing you to improve over time as a result.
Winner: Robert Gibb
Nominee: Dougal Campbell
Nominee: Lito Tsitsou

Most innovative teaching

For the teacher that likes to think outside the box, shake things up a bit and provide a different slant on the traditional methods of teaching
Winner: Laurence Grove
Nominee: Thomas Anker
Nominee: Rob Jenkins

Best subject

For the overall best subject area that you feel is best for your learning experience as a whole. Taking into account all factors, such as individual teachers, postgrad tutors, support staff and much more!

Winner: Orthodontics Year 3