University Debt Policy

The SRC has continued working to amend the University’s debt policy

As you may have seen from our campaigns from previous years, the SRC have been in negotiations with the University over their debt policy since 2012. Since the revocation of the £250 debt threshold in 2012 we have been pushing to have a higher debt threshold instated to allow students to re-register for the next academic year. With the help of Trading Standards at Glasgow City Council we have met with senior staff at the University repeatedly over the last year and have finally arranged to have the threshold increased from the previous £5 limit to £25.

The University has also agreed to implement an independent review system for all debt repayment proposals made by students. In effect this means that if a student makes a repayment proposal to Credit Control at the University and this is rejected, the student may ask for this to be escalated to a senior member of staff outwith the Finance Department for review. Whilst the SRC is not entirely happy with the current debt policy we are making progress, and will continue to campaign for the University to cease the use of what we consider to be unfair trading practices and an abuse of its power by using academic sanctions for non-academic debt.