Scottish Water charges

GUSRC has triumphed over Scottish Water following the threat of additional water charges that would see students in halls of residence out of pocket.

Earlier this year, the SRC were made aware that Scottish Water were planning to introduce water and wastewater charges for purpose built student accommodation properties, previously exempt from such charges. These charges were to be applied through Scottish Water’s commercial market provider so although such charges were directed at the provider of student accommodation and not the individual student, these costs would have been passed on to students through increased rent.

Water and wastewater charges are usually funded via council tax. Students who live in private accommodation are exempt from such charges but as Scottish Water was planning to charge the halls accommodation provider as a business, students living in purpose built student accommodation would be unable to take advantage of their statutory exemption from these charges.

After ongoing correspondence with both Scottish Water and local MSPs, the recently introduced water and wastewater charges will not be applied henceforth. A recent letter from Scottish Parliament has informed us that such charges will be removed from any bills dated after April 2013 and all new student halls built after April 2015 will be exempt from such charges.

The SRC’s campaigning to the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Water has ultimately been successful and the SRC are delighted to secure such a crucial victory for Glasgow University students.