Reject discrimination against international students

The SRC are deeply concerned by the recent proposals put forward in the UK Government’s Immigration Bill which if enacted would require that every potential tenant has their immigration status checked by private landlords, see the introduction of charges for international students wishing to access the NHS and the removal of most appeal rights from migrants.

Internationalisation is a high priority on Glasgow University’s agenda, which creates a culturally vibrant and diverse campus. However, the stringent attendance monitoring and visa checks that the University is forced to undertake by UKVI already creates an unwelcoming environment to the students who are travelling to learn in a UK institution. The Immigration Bill is yet another barrier to students being able to study in the UK, as well as being unnecessary and potentially discriminatory.

The introduction of a £150 charge to access the NHS will be yet another expense for international students, on top of the cost of visas, travel and living expenses. For an undergraduate this would mean an additional cost of £600 for four years, while a PhD student with a partner and two children could pay as much as an extra £2400 for four years of study.

Furthermore, all students will now have to prove to landlords that they have the right to live in the UK before they are allowed to secure private rented accommodation. The process of securing accommodation is already a stressful and at times lengthy process without this additional barrier. Many international students will be required to find accommodation before they come to the UK, and the adoption of this policy could create huge issues for these students including the potential for increased instances of homelessness. With the threat of fines of up to £3,000 for landlords who fail to carry out the proper immigration checks there is also the potential for landlords to become reluctant to rent to international students due to the potential risk/additional administration involved.

We believe that the proposed healthcare levy, landlord checks and the loss of appeal rights will create further barriers and sends a hostile message to prospective international students and those students already on our campus.

Please sign this petition to show your support for rejecting this bill: