Wolfson Library Opening Hours

Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council (GUSRC) voiced strong criticism of The University over plans for severe reductions in the opening hours at the Wolfson Medical School Library.

The library was to have its opening hours reduced by 64% from 168 hours a week, down to 60; restricting it to an 8am-8pm, weekday opening. A drastic move away from the 24 hour access currently offered to medical students; many of whom require access at all hours of the day, due to their shift work in hospitals.

James Harrison, President of the Students’ Representative Council, said in reaction to the move:

“Students in the medical school already have a very large workload and with the large increase in fees for RUK students about to take place, a 64% cut to their access of study space is simply unacceptable. The student experience at the university will be damaged if these proposals go ahead. We call on the university to rethink its plans and stop this drastic reduction in opening hours.”

The university’s plans were due to be implemented at the start of the new semester in September, reducing the opportunity for full consultation with students and staff.

GUSRC launched a petition for students to sign to express their opposition to the proposed reduction of this academic provision.

Following the campaign launched by the Students’ Representative Council, the SRC President led a group of student representatives at a hastily arranged meeting with staff from the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Science to discuss the University’s proposal.

As a result of this meeting; The SRC was pleased to announce that the decision to reduce the current 24/7 library opening hours to Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, had been reversed.

SRC President, James Harrison said

“We are delighted at this outcome. Whilst the University has been experiencing some operational issues associated with the 24/7 opening, we consistently made it clear (since becoming aware of the decision) that cutting opening hours is the wrong response. The University have accepted our position and we are pleased that the hard working students, to whom this service is invaluable, will continue to enjoy unrestricted access to the service”.