Fitness to Practise

If you are involved in a procedure relating to either Fitness to Practise or Professional Practice Advisory Panel, the SRC can give help and advice.

Fitness to Practise procedures are outlined in the University Regulations (formerly known as the University Calendar) – Regulation 36.

Fitness to Practise applies to students registered on specific professional degrees, such as Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Teaching, Community Development, and Veterinary Medicine.

Examples of when a student may be investigated under the Fitness to Practise regulations include: inappropriate interactions with patients, clients, children or service users, concerns regarding students’ behaviour in the professional context (e.g. on placement), ill health that prevents the demonstration of standard professional competencies, substance misuse, being accused of a crime, or any other breach of their particular School’s Code of Professional Conduct and Fitness to Practise.

There is an informal stage followed if necessary by a formal stage of Fitness to Practise proceedings.

Fitness to Practise may also interact with the University’s Code of Student Conduct, depending on the circumstances.  It is possible for misconduct to be dealt with under both procedures.

If you receive notification from the University that they are investigating you under the Fitness to Practise regulations you should contact the SRC Advice Centre as soon as possible as they will be able to provide you with support and advice on how you should proceed and can usually accompany you to any meetings or hearing(s) required.