Student Conduct Procedures

If you have allegedly breached the University regulations in some way and student conduct procedures against you have begun, the SRC can advise and support you.

We’ve created a Student Conduct leaflet about the procedures.

All students have to follow the rules of the University in terms of both studying and behaviour. The rules are those set out in the University Regulations (formerly known as the University ‘Calendar’). If students are suspected of breaking these rules, the University uses the Code of Student Conduct to investigate the situation and, if necessary, impose a penalty. The Code of Student Conduct can cover a huge range of situations, from misuse of University facilities to harassment or other non-academic misconduct. It also covers major breaches of University regulations, such as plagiarism or misconduct in exams

Where an allegation has been made that a student has engaged in misconduct, the case will be investigated by the Senate Assessors for Student Conduct.

If you receive notification from the University that they are investigating you under the Code of Student Conduct you should contact the SRC Advice Centre as soon as possible as we will be able to provide you with support and advice on how you should proceed and may be able to represent you at any hearing(s) required.

Please note, the SRC Advice Centre has a Conflict of Interest policy which means that we cannot represent two students on opposite sides of the same dispute.  There is more information about our Conflict of Interest policy here.

The Fees and General Information section of the University Regulations has all the details of the various codes, including the Plagiarism Statement, Code of Student Conduct, Code of Practice on Unacceptable Behaviour, and Regulations and Code of Practice for the Use of Information and Communication Technology Facilities at the University of Glasgow.