Council tax

Most students are exempt from paying Council Tax, however we’ve included some details below on how to arrange your exemption and what to do if you think you’re being pursued unfairly for Council Tax.

GUSRC has produced a Council Tax Exemption Leaflet.

The law states that any dwelling that is only occupied by students is exempt from Council Tax. To claim this exemption, you need to obtain an exemption form. You must complete Section 1 of the form and return this to Glasgow City Council. To complete the exemption process you have two options:

  1. If you “opt-in” on MyCampus the University can automatically verify to Glasgow City Council that you are eligible to be exempt from Council Tax. If you “opt-in” you still need to return the paper form with Section 1 completed to Glasgow City Council.
  2. Alternatively you can “opt-out” on MyCampus, this would simply require you to complete Section 1 of the paper form and take this to the Student Enquiry Team on Level 2 of the Fraser Building on the main campus who can then stamp and verify your form, which you can then return to Glasgow City Council.

You need to submit one of these forms every year and if you change your address.

The forms are available from The Advice Centre or online from the Students and Council Tax section on the Glasgow City Council website. If you live outwith the Glasgow area, contact your local Council instead to obtain a paper form and follow the steps in option 2 listed above.

The definition of ‘student’ includes all full-time students, but if you are part-time the situation may be more complicated and you should seek advice from us. The University has worked out that if you are doing 63 credits or more, for both semesters, you are studying enough hours to be classed as full-time for Council Tax purposes. Anyone under 18 is not liable for council tax.

If a student lives with a non-student, the non-student can claim a 25% discount on the Council Tax bill.

You are only exempt from Council Tax for the period between the official start and end dates of your course, NOT up until the date you graduate. However, if you think you’re being pursued incorrectly for Council Tax charges please get in touch with the Advice Centre for help with this.

The University also has some helpful information about council tax liability.

Council tax arrears

Most students won’t be paying any Council Tax, but those of you who are need to know that it’s another priority. Glasgow City Council takes a dim view of people who don’t ‘Pay Up For Glasgow’, and you can find previous years’ arrears coming back to haunt you long after you’d forgotten about them. The Council has all sorts of powers to recover money without having to go through the normal court procedure, and this can include freezing your bank account or demanding a cut of your wages direct from your employer.

If you are eligible for Council Tax exemption, make sure you get your exemption form stamped by the Registry and sent or handed in to the Council as soon as possible.