Volunteering, Clubs and Societies (VCS) Awards

The SRC’s annual Volunteering, Clubs & Societies Awards celebrate the various achievements and success stories of our students

The Volunteering Clubs and Societies (VCS) Awards are the SRC’s annual awards celebrating all the hard work that students at the University of Glasgow have done and that has allowed them to gain graduate attributes, which are transferable skills that can be used in working life.

The awards are nominated for by UofG students and any UofG student involved in a club or society, who volunteers with the organisations’ GU Volunteering or does something world changing within the wider community.

Nominations will be open on the 13th January until the 7th February 2020 and you can nominate here

For additional guidance when nominating for different categories be sure to look at the list below and check out our past recipients of the VCS awards.


  • GU Club or Society of the Year
    • Celebrating the outstanding achievements, success, and dedication of SRC affiliated clubs and societies over the last academic year.
    • This award is to acknowledge and celebrate the amazing achievements of clubs and societies on campus. Do you know any standout clubs or societies that have achieved something extraordinary, celebrated a milestone or just been all-round fantastic throughout the year?
  • GU Club or Society Member of the Year
    • Celebrating students who have shown a tremendous commitment and contribution to their club or society throughout the academic year.
    • Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond their role for their club or society? This award is to recognise those who have been essential to the success of their club or society and have made a huge impact to the members of the club or society, and to the university community.
  • GU Club or Society Event of the Year
    • Award for the club or society which has put on a special event, one that has impacted others, encouraged participation, and one that has positively influenced and impacted on the university community.
    • Clubs and Societies put on some incredible and wide-ranging events throughout the year, this award is to recognise the event that has made the biggest impact to the university community and to a club or societies members. We are looking for innovative, new exciting activities and the most impactful events on campus from the last academic year!
  • GU Club or Society Best Campaign of the Year
    • Highlighting the best individual or group of students who have shown continuous dedication, sustainable development and innovative content over the past year. This can be for any campaigns or initiatives.
    • Has your club or society started an innovative campaign this year? Has your club or society spearheaded a campaign to raise awareness to the wider student population? Has your club or society or one of your members gone above and beyond on social media or online, or even in person, to start an initiative?
  • GU New Club or Society of the Year
    • Recognising the development, commitment and success of new clubs and societies, affiliated with the SRC from September 2019.
    • Are you part of a recently formed club or society? Do you know a group of individuals who have gone above and beyond to develop their club or society for UofG students?
  • GU Club or Society Charitable Giving of the Year
    • Awarding clubs and societies who have led successful fundraising activities or events throughout the academic year.
    • Do you know a club or society that has raised a record amount of money for charitable causes? Do you know anyone that has gone above and beyond for their society in order to raise awareness for a cause?
  • GU Club or Society Working Together Award
    • Marking the achievements of a club or society who have collaborated with another group or individual. Can be either a longstanding partnership, a joint initiative or a collaborative event with both other clubs and societies or external companies.
    • Has your club or society reached out and worked with another club? Has there been joint initiatives where several clubs or societies have worked together to achieve something? Is there something continually going on with a partnership your club or society established that is achieving great things?


  • GU Volunteer & World Changer of the Year (combined ‘Outstanding Contribution to Volunteering’ and ‘World Changer’)
    • Awarding students who have been influential, and displayed tremendous enthusiasm,
  • GU Clubs & Societies Volunteering – Community Outreach
    • Commending a club or society’s partnership and involvement with Glasgow’s local community. This partnership should demonstrate a drive to challenge deprivation or inequality, and to build positive partnerships between the University and local community.
  • GU Campus Volunteering – Student Community
    • Recognising a student’s or group of students’ achievements to volunteering on a University of Glasgow Campus. They must have demonstrated a desire to go above and beyond in volunteering on campus.