Volunteering, Clubs and Societies (VCS) Awards

The SRC’s annual Volunteering, Clubs & Societies Awards celebrate the various achievements and success stories of our students

The SRC’s annual award show for recognising volunteers, clubs and societies on campus is back!
Last year, in collaboration with the University, the ceremony was held in the Kelvin Gallery alongside a buffet and drinks reception. This night was used as an opportunity to celebrate all the hard work that students at the University of Glasgow had done and that had allowed them to gain graduate attributes, which are transferable skills that can be used in working life.
We want to celebrate the dedication and fantastic achievements that our clubs and societies have worked so hard towards throughout the year, and to allow our volunteers an opportunity to showcase themselves.
This year, we have also decided to open one award to the general student population allowing for anyone doing anything worthwhile to receive acknowledgement.

Nominations for the VCS Awards 2019 are now closed. You can see the Past Winners here, including the winners of the 2018 awards.

This year’s awards are


Recognising the development, commitment and success of new clubs and societies affiliated with the SRC from September 2018.



Celebrating students who have shown a tremendous commitment and contribution to their club or society throughout the academic year.


Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond their role for their club or society? This award is to recognise those who have been essential to the success of their club or society and have made a huge impact to the members of the club or society, and to the university community.


Celebrating the outstanding achievements, success, and dedication of SRC affiliated club and societies over the last academic year.


This award is to acknowledge and celebrate the amazing achievements of clubs and societies on campus.


Award for the club or society which has put on a special event, one that has impacted others, encouraged participation, and one that has positively influenced and impacted on the university community.

Clubs and Societies put on some incredible and wide ranging events throughout the year, this award is to recognise the event that has made the biggest impact to the university community and to a club or societies members. We are looking for innovative, new exciting ac tivities and the most impactful events on campus from the last academic year!


Awards clubs and societies who have led successful fundraising activities or events throughout the academic year. 


Has your club or society started an innovative campaign this year? Do you know a club or society that has raised a record amount of money for charitable causes? Do you know anyone that has gone above and beyond for their society in order to raise money? We are looking for amazing examples of fundraising excellence!

This award is for an individual or group of students who have shown continuous dedication, sustainable development and innovative content over the past year.  This can be for a specific article, radio programme, TV programme, series or interview.

*Open to members of SRC supported media only (Glasgow Guardian, Glasgow University Student Television, Subcity Radio and Glasgow University Magazine).

Has your media organisation put out an amazing article? Have you enjoyed listening to a particular radio show? We are looking for the most groundbreaking and notable media activities of the year!


Awarding students who have been influential, and displayed tremendous enthusiasm, commitment and dedication in their volunteering roles throughout the academic year.


Commending an individual student, group of students, club, or society’s partnership and involvement with Glasgow’s local community. This partnership should demonstrate a drive to challenge deprivation or inequality, and to build positive partnerships between the University and local community.