Student Teaching Awards

There are many great members of staff here at the University of Glasgow – this is our chance to recognise the outstanding work of those who have helped us.

Every year the Student’s Representative Council hosts the Student Teaching Awards (aka the STAs), a fantastic chance for us to recognise the outstanding work of those members of staff who have gone above and beyond to make our time here at Glasgow the best it can possibly be!

We have 15 categories for you to nominate in, and nominations will be open until 24th February 2017. The awards ceremony will be held on the 23rd March. Feel free to tag any social media posts about this year’s STAs with #STA1617.

Have you got staff members in mind for nominating?

Just use our STA 2016/17 nomination form!

Plus, by nominating you will be in with a chance of attending the ceremony itself!

Get up to speed with last year’s awards here: STAs 2015/16

Nomination Guidelines

These guidelines are to help you consider why you want to nominate your teacher:

For all nominations remember to:

  • Include examples, we want to know what your nominee has done to deserve this award!
  • Bear in mind it’s quality over quantity so we’re looking for why they deserve the award not how many nominations they get.

Questions to ask yourself when writing your nominations:

  • Why did this person go above and beyond any other teacher?
  • What will you remember them for?
  • What stands out about them?
  • Have they made a topic easier to understand?
  • Have they gone above and beyond their remit?
  • Have they given you support and advice when you needed it most?
  • Have you got an inspirational supervisor?
  • Have they helped you through bad times?
  • Do they make the unbearable bearable?
  • Have they gotten you excited about your chosen topic?
  • Have they really improved things for you?
  • Are they always open and willing to talk to you?

Feel free to nominate twice, if you’ve got an innovative teacher and an excellent class rep we want to hear about it!