Student Teaching Awards

There are many great members of staff here at the University of Glasgow – this is our chance to recognise the outstanding work of those who have helped us. The nomination form is below!

Every year the Student’s Representative Council hosts the Student Teaching Awards (aka the STAs), a fantastic chance for us to recognise the outstanding work of those members of staff who have gone above and beyond to make our time here at Glasgow the best it can possibly be!

The categories for the 2017/18 STA’s are as follows:

  • Best College Teacher: (one for each college, Arts, Social Science, MVLS and Science & Engineering)
    Within these categories nominees from each can be put forward for the following subcategories of special awards:

    • Best Feedback
    • Highly Innovative Teaching
    • Outstanding Contribution to Teaching
  • Best Advisor of Studies
  • Best Postgraduate Who Tutors
  • Best Dissertation Supervisor
  • Best Research Supervisor
  • Best Student Representative
  • Best Support Staff
  • Best Online Learning Experience

If you need any help writing your nomination, check out our nomination guidelines

Nomination Form

Nomination Form