Student Teaching Awards

There are many great members of staff here at the University of Glasgow – this is our chance to recognise the outstanding work of those who have helped us.

Every year the Student’s Representative Council hosts the Student Teaching Awards (aka the STAs), a fantastic chance for us to recognise the outstanding work of those members of staff who have gone above and beyond to make our time here at Glasgow the best it can possibly be!

Nominations open Monday 11th November and you can nominate here so make sure to celebrate staff for all their hard work.

Category criteria:

To help show you what the SRC looks for when shortlisting nominations and to help you write your nomination here are the criteria for all the awards in this years’ STAS:


Name Criteria
Best Advisor of Studies ·         Provides excellent support and guidance for students

·         Gives advice that has helped to improve students’ learning experience

·         Friendly and welcoming to students

Best College Teacher x4 ·         Shows passion for their subject

·         Inspires students beyond the classroom

·         Helps students boost their academic skills?

Best Dissertation Supervisor ·         Provides exceptional guidance to students throughout the whole dissertation process

·         Helps build students’ enthusiasm and interest in their dissertation topics

·         Helps build students’ critical thinking and independent working

Best Use of Technology in Learning ·         Uses technology in a way that benefits individual or groups of students

·         Uses a variety of technologies to engage with students

·         Uses technology in a way to enhance student learning

Best Postgraduate Who Tutors ·         Makes an excellent contribution to the learning experience

·         Inspires students to study beyond the classroom

·         Shows clear passion and excitement for their subject matter

Best Research Supervisor ·         Inspires students’ research to go in new directions

·         Provides support and guidance throughout a students’ research

·         Makes students’ aware of opportunities to support their research

Best Student Representative ·         Maintains a dialogue with students to understand their issues

·         Provides feedback to students about issues they’ve worked on

·         Makes positive changes for students

Best Support Staff ·         A non-academic member of staff who provides support that exceeds expectations

·         Is friendly and welcoming to students

·         Provides support and guidance to students in a timely and effective manner

Best Practice in Inclusive Education ·         Creates or facilitates an inclusive learning environment within the university

·         Celebrates diversity in the curriculum

·         Includes accessible learning and teaching resources

Best Feedback ·         Provides timely feedback

·         Provides feedback that is constructive and useful

·         Their feedback has helped improve students’ work

Highly Innovative Teaching ·         Shows passion and excitement for their subject

·         Inspires students to want to learn more

·         Uses innovative teaching techniques with their students

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching ·         Goes further than expected to inspire students

·         Provides excellent support for students

·         Encourages students in their subject beyond the classroom


Any questions?

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