Raising and Giving

Raising and Giving (RAG) is a yearlong opportunity to help raise money for and donate to a selection of different local charities.


We feel that Raising And Giving (RAG) week isn’t enough time to devote to helping the charities we care about so we’re making it a yearlong thing. Look out for our events throughout the year where we will be raising money and awareness for various charities. We’ll be working alongside a variety of clubs & societies, plus our friends at GUSA, the Queen Margaret Union and the Glasgow University Union.

Campus will occasionally burst to life with fundraisers in brightly coloured t-shirts collecting your pennies for good causes. So volunteer for an hour, chuck in your loose change or get involved in some of the fundraising. RAG is all about having fun while raising money for charity and we hope many of you can join in the festivities and help us raise our best total to date.

But we can’t do it all alone, we need dedicated students to help propose and organise these charitable events. If you would like to be part of the RAG Committee then apply via the online application form. If you would like to help out at events then email the Vice-President of Student Activities, Ameer Ibrahim, vp-activities@src.gla.ac.uk.

Last year we raised over £3,000 to help out local causes, and we’re sure you’ll help us beat that this time round. The charities we will be raising money for this year will be decided by you.