Past Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of a VCS award! Past winners from 2009 onwards are listed here.

2019 Winners

  • Fundraising Award – Language 4 Water
  • Outstanding Contribution to Volunteering – Katerina Telickova – Glasgow University Service to the Homeless (GUSH)
  • Best Media Activity of the Year – Siam and Jasmine – Glasgow Guardian
  • Outstanding Contribution to a Club or Society – Nabeel Salim – Glasgow Marrow
  • Best Club or Society Event of the Year – STAG (Student Theatre at Glasgow) – Stag Nights
  • New Club or Society – Vegan Society
  • Club or Society of the Year – Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show (GUCFS)
  • World Changer Community Award – Rose McLaughlin-Roberts

2018 Winners

  • New Club or Society Award – GU Positive Minds
  • Outstanding Contribution to a Club or Society – Jocelyn GIlmour (Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show)
  • Fundraising Award – Glasgow University Mexican Society
  • Club or Society of the Year – Glasgow Marrow
  • Best Media Activity of the Year – Georgina Hayes and Laurie Clarke – Glasgow Guardian
  • Student Media Contributor of the Year – Kati Brunk – GUM
  • Outstanding Contribution to Volunteering – Aine McDonell – GUSH
  • World Changer Community Award – STAR (Student Action for Refugees)

2017 Winners

  • Club or Society Showcase Award: Erasmus Student Network
  • Exceptional Campaign Award: Elephant in the Room
  • Fundraising Award: Language4Water
  • Glasgow World Changer Award: Art Afternoons
  • Innovative Activities Award: Glasgow University Flow Arts
  • Most Dedicated Member Award: Caitlin Bell
  • Best New Club or Society: Disney Society
  • SVSS Volunteer of the Year: Natalie Mordente

2016 Winners

  • Fundraising Award: Charity Fashion Show
  • Campaign Award: GU Amnesty – ‘Let’s Talk’
  • Innovation Award: GUDEV
  • Best New Club/Society: Freeda – Freestyle Dance Association
  • Exceptional Club/Society Event: Glasgow University Muslim Students Association (GUMSA)
  • Publicity Award: Student Volunteers Abroad
  • Students & the Community Award: Enactus
  • Most Dedicated Member: Fergus Taylor (Glasgow ARM) & Sarah Battensby (GUST)
  • Student Volunteer of the Year: Irene Querol – Giving what we Can

2015 Winners

  • Raising and Giving Award: GU Muslim Students Association (GUMSA)
  • Innovation Award: Contemporary Musicians United
  • Best New Club/Society: oSTEM. Honorary mention to Successful Women At Glasgow (SWAG)
  • Exceptional Club/Society Event: Charity Fashion Show – GUCFS
  • Partnership Award: Coalition for Syrian Refugees
  • Publicity Award: Amnesty International
  • Students & the Community Award: Philanthrobeats
  • Most Dedicated Member: Agota Vass – International Society
  • Student Volunteer of the Year: Maggi Laurie. Honorable mention to Josh Atkins
  • Pride of Volunteering Award: Maxim Yan Muk – Glasgow University Service to the Homeless (GUSH)

2014 Winners

  • Fundraising Award: GU Mary’s Meals Group
  • Innovation Award: Glasgow University Service to the Homeless (GUSH)
  • Best New Club/Society: GU Tech Society (GUTS)
  • Exceptional Club/Society Event: Dialectic Society – “Question Time”
  • Partnership Award: Glasgow Marrow
  • Publicity Award: GU Amnesty International
  • Students & the Community Award: ENACTUS Glasgow
  • Most Dedicated Member: Jane Hamilton – Paediatrics Society
  • Student Volunteer of the Year: Marija Uzkuraityte – Conversational English
  • Pride of Volunteering – Ashleigh Gough & Charlie Stamenova (Nightline)

2013 Winners

  • Innovation Award: Philanthrobeats
  • Best New Club/Society: Sign Language Society
  • Exceptional Club/Society Event: G-Gnomes
  • Working in Partnership Award: Glasgow University Food Co-op
  • Publicity Award: Hispanic Society
  • Students & the Community Award: Cecilian Society
  • Most Dedicated Member: Fiona McKeown –Glasgow University Service to the Homeless (GUSH)
  • SRC RAG Award: Hester Gartrell –Glasgow University Service to the Homeless (GUSH)
  • Student Volunteer of the Year: Nadia Bailey & Csenge Lantos

2012 Winners

  • Innovation Award: The QMU Whisky Club
  • Best New Club/Society: Glasgow University Food Co-op
  • Exceptional Club/Society Event: Queerfest – GULGBT
  • Working in Partnership Award: Student Action for Refugees (STAR), GU Red Cross & GU Amnesty
  • Publicity Award: c41- GU Photographic Society
  • Students & the Community Award: Medchir
  • Most Dedicated Member: Angela Ireland – Student Volunteers Abroad (SVA)
  • SRC RAG Award: Glasgow Marrow
  • Student Volunteer Awards: Elske Thaden & Clare Maguire

2011 Winners

  • Best Website: Chivalric Dream Society
  • Most Innovative Society: Cut! Filmmaking Network
  • Best Publicity: Student Theatre at Glasgow (STaG)
  • Best New Society: Postgraduate Society
  • Best Event: GU Amnesty International
  • Dedicated Member: Kit Moreland (LGBT), Rachael Dickinson (MedChir)
  • Volunteer of the Year Award: Stewart O’Neil (Glasgow University Service to the Homeless) & Anca Muntean (Classroom Support)

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2010 Winners

  • Highest Achieving Society: Medchir
  • Best Publicity: Glasgow University Photo Society
  • Best New Society: Glasgow University Applied Visual Arts Society
  • Best Website: Cut! Filmmaking
  • Exceptional Service Award: Sam Kendall (Salsa and Latin Dance Society)
  • Best Event: Ossianic Society

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2009 Winners

  • Best Publicity: Cecilian Society
  • Best Website: GU Ossianic Society
  • Best Event: GU Amnesty International
  • Highest Achieving Society: GU LGBT
  • Exceptional Service: Ben Kerr, Chivalric Dreams Society