Student Teaching Awards 2020

There are many great members of staff here at the University of Glasgow – this is our chance to recognise the outstanding work of those who have helped us.

Every year the Student’s Representative Council hosts the Student Teaching Awards (aka the STAs), a fantastic chance for us to recognise the outstanding work of those who have gone above and beyond to make our time here at Glasgow the best it can possibly be!

Usually we would host a fancy event in the Kelvin Gallery, however this year due to COVID we held virtual version of the awards. On our Facebook page from 09:00 – 17:30 on Friday 12th June, we shared a series of videos for each of the award categories. There was an intro from our VP Education Liam and speeches from senior members of staff at the University who have helped us over our 10 years of organising these awards.

View the video and winners below!

See the winners for each category below:
Best Advisor of Studies Beth Paschke
Best College Teacher (Arts) Natalie Finlayson
Best College Teacher (MVLS) Sharon Sneddon
Best College Teacher (CoSE) John H. Williamson
Best College Teacher (CoSS) Louise Sheridan
Best Dissertation Supervisor Emma Gordon
Best Graduate Teaching Assistant Johanna Tiedemann
Best Research Supervisor Jack Melson
Best Student Representative Austen Waite
Best Support Staff Karen Clancey
Best Use of Technology in Learning Sergiu Gherghina
Best Practice in Inclusive Education Emily Nordmann
Best Feedback Sarai Menéndez Fernández
Highly Innovative Teaching Alistair McCay
Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Heather Cleland Woods

See the nominees for each category below:







Best Advisor of Studies 

Andrew Bell 


Beth Paschke 


Ciorsdaidh Watts 


Ian MacLaren 


Joanne Ramsey 






Best College Teacher (Arts) 

Carole Hough 


Laura Rattray 


Michael Bachmann 


Natalie Finlayson 


Sarai Menendez Fernandez 






Best College Teacher (MVLS) 

Alex Gray 


Jacqueline Reilly 


Lorenzo Viora  


Sharon Sneddon 


Sonya Taylor 






Best College Teacher (Science and Engineering) 

Alistair McCay 


Andy Buckley  


John H. Williamson 


Phil McAleer 


Smita Odedra 






Best College Teacher (Social Sciences) 


James Devaney 


Konstantinos Sergakis 


Louise Sheridan 


Rhys Machold 


Sarah Armstrong 






Best Dissertation Supervisor 

David Manlove 


Dimitra Fimi 


Emma Gordon 


Niamh Stack 


Rachel Smith 






Best Graduate Teaching Assistant 

Jessica McGlynn 


Johanna Tiedemann 


Louisa Lee 


Mark Coia 


Vladimir Sharapov 






Best Practice in Inclusive Education 


Barbara Read 


Emily Nordmann 


Jennifer Hammond 


Jonathan Birch 


Margaret Sutherland 






Best Research Supervisor 

Ambrose (Jack) Melson 


Charlotte Metheun 


Neil Evans 


Ray Stokes 


Sergiu Ghergina 






Best Student Representative 

Austen Waite 


Blaga Todorava 


Jiawei Chen 


Melissa Ewing 


Morgan Daniel  






Best Support Staff 

Alison Halley 


Dan Keenan 


Julie Summers 


Karen Clancey 


Sophie Watson 






Best Use of Technology in Learning 

Andrew Judge  


Anna Morgan Thomas 


Emma Cardwell 


Michael McEwan  


Sergiu Ghergina 






Best Feedback 

Gethin Norman 


Katy Hastie 


Neil Munro  


Peter Moult 


Sarai Menendez Fernandez 






Highly Innovative Teaching 

Alistair McCay 


Craig Gurney 


James Devaney 


John H. Williamson 


Leo Konstantelos 






Outstanding Contribution to Teaching 

Andrew Judge 


Heather Cleland-Woods 


Richard Stacey 


Sharon Sneddon 


Vladimir Unkovski-Korica 


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