Volunteering in other organisations

Did you know we have links to many different local charitable and voluntary sector organisations, who provide the bulk of our volunteering opportunities?

 Volunteering in other organisations

Most of our volunteering opportunities take place in our Voluntary sector partner organisations and take in a range of roles, with many different service user/client groups, including people with disabilities, isolated older people, people in recovery from addiction issues, or young carers.

We at the SRC are always looking for meaningful and flexible roles that can help you develop skills and insight into the world of work, boost your Graduate Attributes, increase your confidence & interpersonal skills, and help you escape the “West End Bubble” of the University.


A range of roles

From helping out as a befriender with someone recovering from cancer or an isolated person with a disability, to being involved in group work opportunities with older people, we have a range of opportunities available in this Volunteer section. Some will require an hour or two once a week/fortnight, others will be time limited or “one off”, and some will expect you to have a commitment for up to 6 months.


Taking responsibility

We understand that you have many competing demands on your time, and that your workload may change over the course of the academic year. This may impact on the time you have to give as a volunteer and we ask that you consider this when applying to be a volunteer. You should take responsibility for letting your partner organisation know any changes to your availability.