Represent the University at the 9th University Scholars Leadership Symposium

Join thousands of student delegates and represent UofG in Bangkok

This year, three students will have the opportunity to attend the 9th University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Bangkok, Thailand, from the 1-7 August. This event is sponsored by the University and delivered by the United Nations Development Programme Partnership with Humanitarian Affairs, UK.

Thousands of student delegates from all over the world will be representing their universities. We are looking for students to represent the University of Glasgow this year.

Current continuing students are eligible to apply through the delegate application form.

Completed forms as well as a photograph of yourself  (use a coloured photo against a plain and white background) should be sent to by Friday 15th June at 9am.

For more information:

Humanitarian Affairs United Kingdom, is a civil society organization that has a fine record of engaging young people in volunteer humanitarian work, thereby providing creative avenues for young people to develop good citizenship and leadership skills while benefiting disadvantage communities.

The endeavours of Humanitarian Affairs are characterised by excellent management, innovative and yet practical approaches, as well as commitment to encouraging young people to develop a sense of global citizenship and responsiveness to those living in conditions of economics and social deprivation.

UNDP has worked with Humanitarian Affairs on numerous occasions over the course of several years. Each instance of partnership has reaffirmed that Humanitarian Affairs is a unique and vibrant organization that delivers on all its commitments. The partnership experience with Humanitarian Affairs and its team of dedicated professionals and young volunteers.