Send & Receive Parcels

The SRC has teamed up with Doddle to solve all your parcel headaches — no more missed parcels, waiting up on a delivery driver or running off-campus to send parcels!


Whether it’s collecting all your parcels from a convenient location on campus, returning items, or sending parcels, we’ve got you covered. Doddle, in association with the SRC, have a parcel sending and delivery point in the John McIntyre Building for all your parcel needs. You’ll probably have walked past it next to the vending machines and the cash machine on the ground floor. It’s open Monday to Friday, 9am–6pm.

Doddle seamlessly fits in with what you do. No more sitting in your flat hoping the delivery driver isn’t caught in traffic. No more missed deliveries because you actually have a life. With this new service you can collect, send or return your parcel on the way to, or from, classes, off to the library or simply whenever you’re passing. University staff members can also benefit from using the service as well, it’s not just for students!

Doddle are already partnered with a range of large retailers: Amazon, asos and New Look to name a few, and are continuing to expand.


Say goodbye to missed deliveries and “sorry we missed you” cards. When you order something from a retailer’s site, choose “alternative delivery address” at the checkout. Pop your Doddle account number in the first line of the address. Fill in the delivery address of the University of Glasgow Doddle store:

John McIntyre Building,
University Avenue,
Glasgow, G12 8QQ

For more information, see the Doddle website: How to Doddle: Collect


You can send a parcel from the Doddle store in the John McIntyre Building to anywhere in the UK from £2.69, or send it to international addresses from £11.02.

Bring your parcel along to the Doddle store. Don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to pack it properly, we sell packaging materials too! The price will depend on the size and weight of the parcel and how quickly you want it to arrive. Our staff will be happy to explain all the different service options. We’ll print out the address label, check everything’s okay and if you’ve chosen a tracked service we’ll give you a tracking code so you can stay updated on your package’s progress.

For more information, see the Doddle website: How to Doddle: Send


Returning parcels is a doddle too, and if you’ve bought something from one of Doddle’s partners, chances are it’s free to do! Just bring your parcel along to the Doddle store in the John McIntyre Building and we’ll sort it for you. We’ll give you a receipt with a tracking reference, so you can keep up-to-date on when your parcel is returned to the sender.

For more information, see the Doddle website: How to Doddle: Return