Murano Street

The biggest of the halls!

The bus stop is situated in the centre of Murano Village by the main reception building, and the village is serviced by SRC1. Buses run between 7.45am to 10.45am and between 5.15pm and 11.0pm (please see timetables below). The bus has only 13 seats but runs frequently, with eight runs in the morning and 15 in the evening. Peak times are 8.25am to 9.35am and also 5.15pm to 6.30pm. Buses will fill up early during peak times, so arrive early to ensure a seat.

Please remember to have your priority bus pass to show the driver, please remember that the pass does not guarantee you a seat on the minibus and access may be refused if you do not have your pass with you.

Buses will fill full up early during peak times, so arrive in plenty of time to ensure a seat. Please remember that once the bus is full it will depart, even if that means leaving ahead of schedule

Murano Street Timetable


From Campus From Halls
7.45 7.57
8.09 8.27
8.45 9.03
9.18 9.33
9.50 10.05
10.20 10.33
10.46 11.00


From Campus From Halls
17.15 17.33
17.51 18.09
18.26 18.43
19.00 19.12
19.24 19.36
19.47 20.00
20.30 20.41
20.52 21.04
21.16 21.28
21.40 21.52
22.04 22.16
22.28 22.40
22.52 23.00