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Mhairi Harris Hello! I am Mhairi Harris and I hope to be your next Vice President of Student Activities.   Aims   I would like to make clear I do not intend to make false promises. My main focus is to be there for students and to represent YOU. My manifesto points have been determined […]

Mhairi Harris

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Hello! I am Mhairi Harris and I hope to be your next Vice President of Student Activities.




I would like to make clear I do not intend to make false promises. My main focus is to be there for students and to represent YOU. My manifesto points have been determined by feedback from students as well as observations made throughout my years at Glasgow University. This list is not exclusive and I will actively seek and welcome suggestions throughout the year.



Raising and Giving. This year, I have helped create the Raising and Giving committee. It has already been a great success and activities have included fundraising for Children in Need and Worldwide Cancer Research. I want to continue its success starting with Fresher’s Week with a stall at the Fresher’s Fair to get more students engaged.


-Building the SRC experience. I love the SRC and think it is a fantastic student body to get involved with. However, getting involved with the SRC can be a scary proposition especially if you are new to the university. I want to help new council members feel more aware of what opportunities they have and how they can achieve their goals starting with council training.


-Fresher’s Week. Continue to run a great Fresher’s Week and work hard with the other student bodies to raise awareness of what’s going on. The numbers of passes decreased last year so I want to ensure people aren’t missing out on this important experience.


Society Funding. Even though the number of societies affiliated with the SRC has increased dramatically, funding for grants has remained the same! I will press the university for answers and also increase the transparency surrounding how grant applications are awarded.


Sport and society Wednesdays. Wednesday afternoons should be devoted to sport and other society activities, yet students are still having to choose between lectures and extra curriculars. This should not be the case and I will continue to raise awareness for lecture recording Wednesdays.


Home students. I have had the delight in helping create the Home Student Network. This society has been missing for many years and I want to continue its expansion. There is a huge gap in home student representation and I want to actively seek ways to enhance their student experience.






  • 2 years on SRC Council and currently Charities, Clubs and Societies’ Officer.
  • Involvement within university life: Regular member of Women’s Hockey Club, Muay Thai and Home Student Network.
  • As CCS officer I have regularly worked with the current VP of Student Activities, helping my understanding of the position’s requirements and making me a qualified person for the job.
  • This year I have dedicated a large proportion of my time towards charity fundraising (I am that devoted I even sat in a tub of custard) and we have already almost beaten last year’s total!
  • I have never been afraid to speak up, nor will this change.



Vote Mhairi #1 Vice President Student Activities.


Galina Misheva

GalinaFellow students,

The world, as we know it, is changing fast. The race to the top for employment, and the pressure to close our eyes when it comes to inequality in the name of self-advancement are becoming more pervasive as we speak. The words of James Reid, one of the most notable rectors of this university, on alienation have never been truer: ‘Reject the values and the false morality that underlies these attitudes. A rat race is for rats. We’re not rats. We’re human beings’.

With university fees reaching new heights, and grants and funding being cut every minute, with The Higher Education Scotland Governance Bill of 2015 representing yet another way of curtailing student democracy, the SRC has never been so important and meaningful as an institution in providing support and making sure that students do, in fact, possess equal opportunities.

I’m currently doing a masters degree in Human Rights, and have been in the events team of Subcity Radio for the last three years, with past events experience. I’m running for VP Student Activities due to several reasons. With budget cuts for almost all societies, it is more important than ever to make sure no one gets excluded and equal opportunities are offered to all. I will lobby the university for a debate on funding and its allocation for clubs and societies and will create more opportunities for financial gain and more scope for action for societies. Where changes are not possible, I will listen to you and offer other ways of improvement, better communication between clubs and societies and the SRC, and more coordination. I will also lobby for more study spaces, as the library is no longer able to accommodate all students.

In a political climate that is nothing but divisive and unequal, and in a world where the phrase: ‘Your degree is not enough’ is a motto used by big firms, it is important to make the best of the numerous extracurricular activities available to you. I will make an online calendar which will feature the events of all clubs and societies and update them regularly, so that getting involved in something you never thought of doing before is one click away. This will allow you to meet new people, test out different ideas, gain more skills, and feel involved.

If elected, I will create a comprehensive database with information on charities that are looking for volunteers. The SRC has a number of volunteering opportunities already, but I intend to link them with the volunteering opportunities available throughout Glasgow. This would not just look great on your CV, but will help direct your abilities where they are most needed. I will also work with the Internship Hub to offer more choices for degrees that do not get sufficient internship opportunities and set up more free workshops for those who want to learn new (or improve their current) skills.

Your vote counts.
Make the SRC your main representative, because you are the leading force behind it.

Farhan Riaz Ahmed


Hello! I am Farhan, a 3rd year Accountancy and Finance student. By running for the position of VP Student Activities, my role is not to dictate what your priorities should be, but for you to tell me what your priorities are and how I can help you toward those goals.

My involvement with the SRC started in my first year as a class representative. This year I was an SRC Fresher’s Helper which gave me an insight into the logistics of helping students’ during their enrolment and organising events. I have been a board member of various societies which has given me an understanding of the difficulties and the assistance that societies need. Being actively involved with volunteering opportunities for charities like Macmillan Cancer Research has given me experience to raise money and will help me during RAG events. This experience has encouraged me to promote multiculturalism and diversity and be your next VPSA.


  • Cooperate effectively with GUU, QMU, and GUSA to organise a successful Freshers’ Week through effective utilisation of resources and marketing via social media. Brainstorming ideas with student unions for new events to prevent repetition of same events every year.
  • Maintain a balance between alcoholic and non-alcoholic events not just during Freshers’ Week but throughout the year.
  • Enforcing the idea of a community within society, thus forging closer links with various clubs and societies. Additionally, to improve communication between different clubs and societies to encourage joint initiatives.
  • To create a booklet for students to inform them how to obtain affiliation and funding for a new society. To organise information sessions which enlighten committee members of societies how to can gain grant funding.
  • Increase the recognition of student attributes in the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), i.e. attributes acquired by students through participating in extracurricular activities. Inform students about the benefits of volunteering to enhance their CV leading to better job opportunities.
  • To communicate with relevant authorities regarding the ‘Prevent’ policy to ensure that students’ rights are safeguarded and avoid an atmosphere that isolates students already stereotyped in the society.
  • During the extension of the campus, to ensure that SRC is involved in the decision making process, especially regarding space for social/recreational activities. Thus, try to resolve the problem of booking rooms for societies.
  • Get involved with external organisations to attain sponsorship for on-campus events.
  • Running RAG events throughout the year and getting more clubs and societies involved in the events. To support other voluntary opportunities like Movember, and encourage student to run their own fundraising campaigns.
  • Continue the success of Dogs on Campus to help student relieve stress and anxiety because “You can always find hope in a dog’s eyes”.
  • Publicise and work alongside the university’s student media to improve promotion of events during Media Week and other events throughout the year. Also to get funds from sponsors because without sufficient funds student media cannot work effectively.
  • To support and review the work of other representatives and officers to resolve issues as they arise.