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Salim Al Wasity Hi! I am Salim Al-Wasity. I am a PhD student in the College of Science and Engineering. I am running to become your SRC Vice President Education because I believe that I have enough experience, skills and motivation to succeed in improving the level of students’ education, experience and support at University. […]

Salim Al Wasity


Hi! I am Salim Al-Wasity. I am a PhD student in the College of Science and Engineering. I am running to become your SRC Vice President Education because I believe that I have enough experience, skills and motivation to succeed in improving the level of students’ education, experience and support at University.

About me:

Since the start of my PhD at the University of Glasgow, I have been involved in different research activities aimed at making people aware of what we researchers do behind our closed doors laboratories. This involvement polished my communication and team-working skills which I believe to be essential for the role I am running for.

I am very friendly, approachable and easy to talk to. I enjoy listening to students and help people in general while understanding the importance of privacy and confidentiality in all occasions.


  • I am currently the postgraduate convenor- College of Science and Engineering.
  • Member of University Senate Committee which plays a key role in teaching, research policy and programs of study.
  • Also, I was elected by the council members to sit on the Deans of Graduate Studies Committee which is one of the most important committees for dealing with Postgraduate issues like PGR terms and conditions.
  • I have experience in academic quality enhancement and aware of students needs since I worked as a Quality Assurance manager for two years.
  • I worked as an academic lecturer for around 6 years before I got my PhD scholarship in the UK.

Such experience has supported my understanding of how the university is working and how the SRC can be actively engaging with many aspects of university and student life.

My objectives:

  • Enhance Research Quality: I will work towards facilitating the integration between local and/or global industry sectors and supervisors. Moreover I will motivate supervisors to match their unfunded projects with local or international needs, especially within the poor countries.
  • Supervisors Evaluation: I want to develop fixed criteria for students to evaluate the quality of supervision and the overall contribution of the supervisor. This evaluation would help to improve the research quality, and hence the university’s position in national and international ranks. This would also contribute to optimize the way the university resources are used in terms of money, time, student’s power etc.
  • Strengthen the link between students and SRC members: Establishing a tighter relationship with class representatives would help to support students and solve their problems quickly and effectively.
  • Organize workshops and conferences: These initiatives within (and between) universities would encourage students to share their experiences and expertise as well as to establish new collaborations between them. The possibility to work with other departments such as IT-library would also improve students in IT skills and academic writing for example.


I will try to do my best to maintain and improve the already high level of education and student support at the University. And with my previous experience and motivation, I am sure I will be able to meet and go beyond your expectations.

Kate Powell

Kate Powell

My pledges in this manifesto for Vice President are realistic and can be delivered. For the last two years I have been the Undergraduate Arts Convenor. My experience in this role means I understand the realities of representing student voices and how to challenge the University in decisions that affect students adversely. I have a proven track record and have delivered on my previous manifesto pledges.


As the campus starts to grow and change, my main priority as your VP will be ensuring that the learning environment for current students is not compromised by new developments. I’m excited about the future of our University and the prospects for new students in the years ahead. Equally I’m passionate about maintaining the highest standards of learning and teaching for us in the University today.


The right changes for the difference we need:


  • Feedback across the colleges should be consistent. I would work to create a moodle portal where summative feedback will be accessible throughout the course of your degree.
  • Transitions between years can mark significant leaps in expectations. I will liaise with staff to provide clear information on course requirements and on future postgraduate opportunities.
  • Support for students who feel isolated and disengaged is limited at a College Level. I will implement a Student Support Network where student volunteers can introduce them to all the academic and social aspects of life at GU.
  • Timetabling for examinations is released weeks before they begin. This is problematic for students making plans during vacations. I will lobby the Registry Office to release exam timetables earlier.
  • Study Space on campus is inadequate. I want to build on the work of my predecessor to increase the use of alternative study spaces.
  • Class Representatives deserve feedback from their meetings with staff. I plan to ensure all staff follow up on course developments.


My experience


My record includes pushing for student representation on staff committees, promoting the work of the SRC and fulfilling my manifesto promises.


I have:


  • represented the SRC at Senate for two years
  • publicised the work of the SRC as part of the PR team on social media
  • led inductions
  • held student consultations and workshops
  • consulted on the master plan, L&T Hub and co-lead a workstream.
  • criticised campus developments
  • presented plans and ideas at meetings
  • sat on the College Learning and Teaching Committee for two years and sat on the University Learning and Teaching Committee this year
  • line managed and supported School Representatives and help them facilitate meetings


I want to add to the offer the SRC provides by developing communication to and from students and by using the power of student voices to make significant change.


The role of Vice President Education is vital to student representation on academic committees. As VP I will challenge the University to provide the best possible teaching, the best learning environment and to strive to improve the quality of the student experience.