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Ruth Brown I’m Ruth, an Equality and Human Rights student and the current SRC Postgraduate Taught Convenor. During my term on Council I have contributed a huge amount to supporting and representing students both at ground level through student engagement forums and at management level as an elected member of the Student Support and Development […]

Ruth Brown

SRC Election PhotoI’m Ruth, an Equality and Human Rights student and the current SRC Postgraduate Taught Convenor. During my term on Council I have contributed a huge amount to supporting and representing students both at ground level through student engagement forums and at management level as an elected member of the Student Support and Development Committee (SSDC) and the Council of Senate. I have also taken over the responsibilities of the PG Convenor for the College of Social Sciences, as the position became vacant.

As well as fulfilling all my pledges as PGT Convenor, I have:

  • Used my position on SSDC to oppose the proposed ban on the use of translation dictionaries in examinations, resulting in the postponement of any decision by the Council of Senate, and the establishment of a working group with student representation to look at the issue in more depth.
  • Been an active member of the SRC working groups for assessment feedback and class representatives.
  • Facilitated sessions at the SRC Education and Technology conference, using staff and student feedback to highlight priorities for SRC academic officers.
  • Co-authored a paper on staff-student partnerships in teaching and learning, advocating the benefits to students of co-assessment, and co-designing parts of the curriculum. I have also presented on service-learning programmes and will be co-presenting at the 8th Annual Learning and Teaching Conference.
  • Been chosen to attend the Universitas 21 Student Leaders’ Network meeting in Singapore, and will be supporting students at our Singapore campuses.

I am running for VP Education because I believe that, since students are experts in their learning, our voices need to be given a bigger platform to express our views on how the University delivers education. If elected, I will:

  • Form a committee of elected SRC academic officers, dedicated to continuing the work of the current working groups for assessment feedback and class reps, and other ongoing academic issues such as lecture recording and expanding pop-up study space to tackle overcrowding. The collective action of a committee would significantly improve the outcomes for students.
  • Put students’ interests at the heart of the ongoing consultation on the multi-million pound development of the Western Infirmary site including the Learning and Teaching and Research Hubs. I will ensure that these spaces improve the student experience by providing a top quality and accessible learning environment, as well as being available for other student uses, such as clubs and societies.
  • Continue the development of an undergraduate research programme offering paid placements to students conducting supervised primary research.
  • Organise more conferences and forums for students to share their expertise with staff and other students, and allow for staff-student dialogue to improve teaching practices across the University. Key areas of interest are work-based learning initiatives, staff-student partnerships in teaching and assessment, technology-enhanced assessment and learning, and undergraduate and postgraduate research conferences.
  • Increase student mobility between Universitas 21 partner institutions, focusing on demanding more international paid internships.

Vote Ruth #1 to make it happen!

Questions: 1003406b@student.gla.ac.uk

Gemma Gratton

ggrattonpictureHello! I’m Gemma Gratton, a final year student, and I want to be your next Vice President Education.

What unites us all is that we’re all here for our education. This role is vital to your academic experience and I believe I’m the best candidate to fulfil the position. I’m approachable, enthusiastic and relentlessly committed to the SRC and improving the student experience.


  • I’m currently the School of Modern Languages & Cultures Representative and have been active and engaged during my term, working with the school on several policy implementations e.g. revising the honours marking criteria and reworking course documents to diversify assessment methods
  • I’m the SRC NSS & Publicity Officer, managing the PR team and coordinating the university-wide National Student Survey publicity campaign
  • I sit on multiple university education committees including the University Learning & Teaching Committee, the most important forum for making students’ voices on academic issues heard as well as the E-learning strategy committee
  • I have worked closely with the current VP Education all year, giving me valuable insight into the responsibilities and demands of  the job
  • Two-time Freshers’ Helper, most recently as a Team Leader, where I supported the VP Student Activities in running Freshers’ Week smoothly and took an active role in welcoming students to the university and the SRC


  • Encourage wider engagement between the student body and their academic experience and crucially between class reps and the SRC. Academic officers should be communicating more regularly with class reps to better support students through any issues. Being a class rep should be something desirable that people want to get involved in – student feedback is crucial
  • Redraw the current list of alternative study spaces on campus and publicising these better, especially during busy periods such as the exam diets
  • Work with colleges to improve the availability of online resources as people are forced to the library due to lack of alternatives
  • Continue to oppose the proposed ban on translation dictionaries in exams
  • Look into ways to bring more innovative teaching methods into the university – flipped teaching, for example, massively increases engagement and independent learning and I have experienced for myself how positively students have responded to this
  • Support the move towards diversification of assessment. The university is beginning to realise that not everyone thrives under the typical exam/essay format, and a more representative result of your achievement could be achieved through diversifying assessment
  • Having already attended consultations on the development of the Learning & Teaching Hub and Western Infirmary site, I would continue ensuring that students needs are safeguarded throughout the planning process
  • Bring the university closer to you: students should be the ones leading change at this university, and I want to be the person to facilitate this

We need to get out of the office and talk to people. Students know what works and what doesn’t and we are the ones who should be the mechanisms for change.
There’s no dilemma, vote for Gemma!