Georgia Charalambous My name is Georgia and I am a fourth year student in English Language and, if elected as the President I want to raise awareness of the SRC’s activities so that students may get the full benefits of the organisation. These include help offered in different areas of student life and job opportunities […]

Georgia Charalambous

Georgia_PhotoMy name is Georgia and I am a fourth year student in English Language and, if elected as the President I want to raise awareness of the SRC’s activities so that students may get the full benefits of the organisation. These include help offered in different areas of student life and job opportunities that can enhance students’ employability. The SRC offers several paid and volunteer opportunities that I believe could benefit from an anonymised selection process, in order to remove placement bias. In addition I plan to hold the SRC accountable to the students it represents through tracking its funds.

Initiatives to raise awareness of the SRC

  • Organise workshops informing students about the SRC’s activities.
  • Raising the profiles of VP Education, VP Student Support & VP Student Activities; many students don’t know about their existence within the council but yet they, along with the President, hold both a crucial and paid position.

Initiatives to enhance student and SRC communication

It is important to give students alternative ways to express their views of the council and their student experience. I propose the implementation of anonymised complaints/suggestions forum or a box at the SRC that would allow students to express their concerns without having to reveal their identity.   This would help students who feel intimidated talking to someone in person or submit a formal complaint.  I would further appoint all the sabbatical officers to go through the complaints, identify common issues and deal with them appropriately.

Initiatives regarding the transparency of SRC practises

  • I’d like to implement the anonymisation of job applications within the SRC for paid and voluntary positions to ensure that recruiters are not subconsciously biased by factors such as gender, ethnicity and any potential relationship with the applicant. Such an approach could be implemented initially within the Student Representative Council and later in GUSA, GUU, and QMU. As the founder of Don’t Let Your Name Decide for You! campaign, me and my colleagues have researched and presented biases in recruitment and the benefits of anonymisation to all the Student bodies.
  • I’d like to make a report of the SRC’s incomes/expenditures as this hasn’t been produced for the last 3 years. This would ensure a more effective use of the resources available to enhance the student experience.

My Past Leadership Experiences

  • I am the Founder of Don’t Let Your Name Decide for You! Campaign and made a presentation towards the SRC, QMU, GUU, and GUSA about the importance of the anonymisation of applications.
  • I have been a Class Representative for 3 years.
  • Worked as one of the 100 students taking part in the Global Leadership Experience Programme hosted by the UofG.
  • Senior Resident: such a position allowed me to better understand the issues students face.
  • Assistant Venue Transport Manager in the Commonwealth Games.

Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact me at

Cal Davies

IMG_2603 - Copy I am Cal (Caelum) Davies and I want to be your next SRC President.

I am incredibly proud of the way I’ve helped the SRC to grow over the past three years. As your Vice President (Education), I’ve met my manifesto promises: tackling engagement with class reps, working to improve feedback and increasing student interest in education policy.

My Experience:

  • Three years experience sitting on SRC Council, including currently sitting on the executive, working full-time as your Vice President (Education).
  • Playing an integral part in student consultations for the university’s campus expansion, which I’ll continue if elected as your President.
  • Successfully pushed for the creation of both the School of Interdisciplinary Studies (Dumfries) and Mental Health Equality representative positions.
  • Elected this year to sit alongside staff across Scotland on the Scottish Enhancement Leadership group.
  • Strong involvement with campus societies, founding and leading two.

If elected, I will:

  • Engage more with underrepresented groups. I’m already working hard with postgraduates and I’ll continue this whilst also expanding links with students living at home and mature students, by using social media and events, to ensure they all get the support they need.
  • Continue the work started by the SRC this year to improve undergraduate research In organising the first Education and Technology Conference, I took a significant step towards encouraging undergraduates to engage with research outside of their dissertation.
  • Cater to the needs of all students, including those outside of the West End. The University of Glasgow is not just Gilmorehill campus; it’s also Sauchiehall Street, Garscube, Singapore… to name a few! I’ve a great track record working with these campuses, and have spoken to them about what more the SRC can be doing to support their needs. I’ll fight for additional resources and expertise to help the SRC to represent Glasgow students wherever they may be.
  • Fulfil the SRCs pledge to reduce mental health stigma on campus. I’ll work with the Counselling & Psychological Service to aid with this goal, and also to help improve their service.
  • Consult with all student bodies throughout the year, to continue the successes we saw in (re)freshers’ week. The same idea can be applied to student media, by communicating more with them we can encourage more cross-organisation collaboration, and help better inform the stories that keep us all in the know.

Next year is a crucial one: the Scottish Parliament elections and the Counter-Terrorism & Security Bill could have big implications on higher education in Scotland. We will also see a visible start to work on the University redevelopment and expansion. I am the best candidate to ensure student voices are all heard nice and loud, and to lead the SRC during this important time.

I know I have proven myself as an effective member of the SRC executive, I have always fulfilled my promises and most importantly I have proven my love and commitment to this organisation, and to fighting for us: the students.

Vote Cal Davies for SRC President.

Liam King

Hello, I’m Liam King the current SRC Vice-President (Student Support). For the past year I have been passionately representing the interests of Glasgow University students.

However this past year I have also come to see first-hand the extent to which the university operates as a business. Too often senior managers pay lip service to student views – side-lining them to make money.

The vision for the campus redevelopment has basically been decided. Where it hasn’t the University’s ‘consultations’ are hollow. Halls are a private company that refuses to listen to the SRC. Disability Service, Counselling Service, and Sport and Recreation are facing cuts whilst student numbers increase. There has been no real investment in these services and when there has been (Stevenson extension) the investment won’t keep up with demand.

The SRC in the past few years has failed to meaningfully challenge them. Instead we focus on ‘improving ‘around the edges. On the national stage the governments are squeezing students and ignoring their voice and we need to do more to make our voice heard nationally.

It is not all doom and gloom. This year we have started to recapture a more activist approach. If I am elected SRC President I will build on that and actually challenge the university.


It suits senior management for them to be unknown, I want to raise their profile so that students know who is runs the University.

If the University insists on operating as a business then we should know how fees are spent.

The SRC needs to review its governance and management so that council members are truly empowered and able to hold the Exec to account.

The SRC and the University should pay the living wage and anonymise recruitment.


The University is terrible at communicating with students. As they build the new campus it needs to change.

The SRC needs to change how it communicates with students. A full time communications officer: saving time, money and improving the openness of the SRC.


Cuts to Student Services threatens to undo all the progress Counselling and others are trying to make at a time of ever increasing use. I will challenge it.

The new Stevenson membership fee will be £120. Given how much sport contributes this is a terrible idea. I will campaign with GUSA to oppose this.

Challenge the ban on graduating with over £5 of debt.


Halls rents are ridiculous and flats are poor. The rents increase automatically each year. This needs to stop.

The council are indifferent to rogue landlords then blame students for the problems this causes.


The University needs to take seriously a commitment to sustainability beyond headline grabbing divestment.


Continue the national campaign we are developing with Scottish Government on consent

Challenge the University to commit to improve access for all.

For an SRC that stands up to the university please vote Liam King SRC President.