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Clopin Meehan I’m Clopin, and I’m a 4th year Film Studies/Philosophy student. In my current role as SRC Gender Equality Officer, and my role last year as a School Rep, I’ve gotten to grips with the ins and outs of the SRC, and would love the chance to build further on the contributions I’ve made. […]

Clopin Meehan

Clopin Meehan

I’m Clopin, and I’m a 4th year Film Studies/Philosophy student. In my current role as SRC Gender Equality Officer, and my role last year as a School Rep, I’ve gotten to grips with the ins and outs of the SRC, and would love the chance to build further on the contributions I’ve made. As GEO, and my role last year as President of the Feminist Society, I’ve been actively involved in campaigning for equality on campus, and supporting students with the many diverse problems that can arise for them. After building a high-profile campaign around sexism and sexual harassment/assault on campus last year, this year I’m continuing with a high-profile week of events for International Women’s Week, a great opportunity to put Glasgow University on the map as a university that cares about equality. I’m planning a further series of campaigns and events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, to fight the stigma and preconceptions that stop survivors speaking out about their experiences. In my engagement with on-campus activities I’ve also tried to keep a big focus on trans issues, which are sadly too often left behind, but which I’m happy to see people engaging enthusiastically in!

If elected I will:

  • Continue to improve support for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. I know from my own experiences that university can be a frightening place when it feels like no one’s listening. I want to make our services much more visible, so that every student knows there’s someone they can speak to. I’d also work to ensure that staff in these areas are trained to deal with these specific issues, so they can provide support as sensitively as needed.
  • Challenge stigma against mental health. Many students are unaware of the services provided for students with disabilities, and part of the problem is the stigma around mental health problems, which tells us to just ‘get over’ them, causing many people to feel like their problems aren’t big enough to seek support. I want to help change this by making services more visible to students, and running campaigns that challenge stigma. I also want to push for a review of the recent outsourcing of the Disability Service, which has seen the quality of service and staff conditions suffer.
  • Campaign against zero-hour contracts. The many staff on zero{*}hour contracts is a major concern for student welfare. As tutors aren’t paid enough hours for their workloads, they’re being forced to work extra hours for no pay, or mark our coursework in a rush. It affects the wellbeing of everyone at Glasgow Uni, and I want to see them out.
  • Improve access to services. We provide loads of great services, and I want to ensure these are accessible to everyone. One particular thing I’d like to push for is women-only time in the gym, allowing access to women who cannot share the space because of their faith, or because of their needs as a survivor.

Thanks! I’m happy to answer any questions at 0901747m@student.gla.ac.uk

Liam King

Liam KingI’m Liam King and I’m a third year Psychology/Philosophy student. I’m standing for the position of Vice President Student Support.

For the past year I have been the SRC Sexual Orientation Equality Officer. I have been very active in this role and have run several projects all year including: Stand Tall, Get Snapped; Lighting up the South Front for World AIDS Day; Red Ribbon Open Mic; LGBT history; Gender Neutral Toilets; and the FairPlay Campaign. All these projects required a great amount of time, dedication and hard work. They all required me to meet with people from all across the University Community. As a result, I have built relationships that have allowed me to make real change on campus. Inside the SRC, I have also worked with a number of people. This has given me a great deal of insight to the challenges the SRC faces as well the successes that can be achieved through mutual effort. As well as my SRC role, I have also been a student representative on the University’s Disability Equality Group which has given me a broader experience of student welfare issues.

When electing a VP Student Support it is as much what a candidate says they will do as it is about who they are: I have proven myself to be incredibly hard working, experienced and possessing the ability to implement all my manifesto commitments:

  • Establish a social forum for students with disabilities that will increase their representation and combat isolation that often occurs in this group
  • Have a truly accessible Freshers’ Week for all students: particularly students with disabilities but also home students and post-graduate students
  • Work with Estates & Buildings to ensure that accessibility on campus remains a top priority and is included in plans for the Western Infirmary
  • Push for a review the use of Zero Hours contracts for support workers for students and support the Campaign against Zero Hours
  • Keeping mental health the focus of Welfare Week whilst expanding to include women’s health and men’s health issues
  • Push for a representative from Counselling Service on Disability Equality Group so the SRC can hold the Counselling Service to account more effectively
  • Push for wide student representation on the Gender Equality Group and continue the work on Gender Neutral Toilets on campus
  • Have better equality and diversity; and personal safety training for all Freshers’ helpers from all student bodies
  • Raise the profile of the Mature Students Association within the University, support them in their future development plans and raise the issue of retention among mature students
  • Continue current work on expanding condom provision on campus by having free condoms available at halls 24/7
  • To support the Welfare Officers in their campaigns and projects; and formalise the requirement for Welfare Officers to be visible in their respective student societies
  • Use the Glasgow Student Forum and the Hillhead Community Council to lobby the Council to be tougher on illegal landlords
  • Promote the work of the Advice Centre particularly to EU/ International students

Thank you