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Gin Masiulyte Hello! I’m Gin, a final year Economics and Politics student. By running for VP Student Activities, I’d like to invite you to celebrate all the opportunities and diversity that we have at the University! With my experience, skills and determination, we can achieve our goals, enhance all students’ experiences and ensure that everyone […]

Gin Masiulyte

Gin MasiulyteHello! I’m Gin, a final year Economics and Politics student. By running for VP Student Activities, I’d like to invite you to celebrate all the opportunities and diversity that we have at the University!

With my experience, skills and determination, we can achieve our goals, enhance all students’ experiences and ensure that everyone leaves university with more than a degree.

My involvement with the SRC started in my first year, as a Council member. I’ve been an SRC Freshers’ Helper since 2011, and a team leader in 2012 and 2013. I’ve been a board member of various clubs and societies too, which has given me an understanding of assistance and support clubs and societies need.

Being a final year student, I have extensive knowledge of how the university functions; an understanding of useful attributes in graduation, and I’ve strong ideas of how to develop them.

This year I have worked with the current SRC VPSA as Charities, Clubs and Societies Officer. I also sit on Senate, one of the highest levels in University management. Moreover, I’m part of RAG committee, and was highly involved in the running of the extremely successful Re-Freshers Fair, which was well attended by new exchange students, and helped societies attract new members. This experience has encouraged me to continue the work I have started and become your next VP SA.

If elected, I will:

  • Work alongside student media to ensure a successful Media Week by introducing a student media coordinator for the week, smooth handover of media positions, introduce team and project management training. These ideas developed after recent meetings with all student media representatives.
  • Lobby the University for more funding for Clubs & Societies; address other issues (e.g. Room Bookings).
  • Continue the successful ongoing cooperation between all 4 student bodies to achieve a successful Freshers’ Week and a year ahead, providing inter-campus support.
  • Provide trainings for office bearers within clubs and societies, continue seminars on fundraising practices.
  • Make events more accessible to home students and widen students’ participation, fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Continue the success of Culture Club to raise awareness of the diverse experience available on campus.
  • Provide greater engagement and coverage for the 40th year of LGBTQ+ on campus
  • Include more clubs and societies in RAG activities, continuously throughout the year, with a focused emphasis on RAG week.
  • Continue supporting the Fossil Free Campaign and assist the Environmental officer, particularly in light of the development of the Western Infirmary site.
  • Working with First Year Representatives and the Postgraduate Development Officer to ensure integration and opportunities provided for these groups.
  • Working alongside Student Volunteering coordinator to guarantee that the increased demand for volunteering projects (i.e. the Conversational English Programme) is accommodated for.
  • Increase students’ awareness of the SRC and work alongside the Communications coordinator, building a recognizable brand of the organization.
  • Ensure smooth transition of responsibilities in the Commonwealth Game Committee having I directly worked with the Commonwealth Games legacy projects.

Vote for experience, passion and dedication, vote Gin!

James Yates

James YatesI’m James Yates, a 4th year English Language student and I’m running for the position of Vice President (Student Activities).

Having been involved in many clubs and societies during my time at Glasgow, I wholeheartedly believe that university is about a lot more than a degree and I fully understand the importance of extracurricular activities to develop your graduate attributes.

This year, I have been on the Board of Management of Glasgow University Union (GUU). As a board member, I have gained first-hand experience that would be directly transferrable to this role in the SRC. I was fundamental in organising Freshers’ Week 2013, coordinating events and producing the PR material, as well as being part of the core committee that organised and created this year’s hugely successful Daft Friday. These experiences taught me what goes into producing great events that students enjoy. This year, I have been GUU’s representative on the cross-campus RAG (Raising and Giving) Committee, led by the current VPSA. This has given me an insight into the organisation of RAG events, being directly involved in events like the successful Red Ribbon Open Mic Night.

Representing a union that many clubs and societies not only affiliate with but also use regularly, I have a real understanding of the facilities and resources that clubs and societies need, something that would be vital in supporting those that affiliate with the SRC.

This position at GUU has allowed me to understand the commitment necessary to manage a student body on campus and if elected, I would:

  • Work with all four student bodies to organise Freshers’ Week 2014, improving on the successes of previous years, both socially and commercially, focussing on marketing in order to increase pass sales.
  • Work with all four student bodies and the student halls site managers to make it easier for the student bodies to promote themselves in Murano and other halls.
  • Continue to develop RAG on campus. I would propose running RAG events throughout the year in aid of various charities whilst also having a dedicated RAG Week to support a particular charity, promoting cross campus collaboration and student engagement in organising events and aiming to raise twice as much as we did this year.
  • Support affiliated clubs and societies, with a focus on providing suitable room bookings on campus at affordable rates and striving to keep Wednesday afternoon’s free for clubs for societies.
  • Support the four student media outlets and work alongside them to organise a successful Media Week.
  • Develop ReFreshers Week in order to welcome international and postgraduate students coming to Glasgow in January whilst also providing further opportunities to current students to get involved with clubs and societies.
  • Increase awareness of the volunteering opportunities available, highlighting the benefits of the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).
  • Engage students better with the SRC through social media platforms.

I believe that the experience and the enthusiasm that I have makes me the best candidate.
More info at http://www.facebook.com/JamesYatesVPSA