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Alan McManus Campaign website: http://www.facebook.com/alan4alchemy Mandate In the recent vote, the majority of GU students voted for a working rector and the majority of those students voted for the candidate (Kelvin Holdsworth) for whom I was campaign manager and to whom I suggested issues of concern to current GU students. These issues were wholeheartedly endorsed […]

Alan McManus

Alan McManus

Campaign website:


In the recent vote, the majority of GU students voted for a working rector and the majority of those students voted for the candidate (Kelvin Holdsworth) for whom I was campaign manager and to whom I suggested issues of concern to current GU students. These issues were wholeheartedly endorsed by students and by the other candidates for working rector.

In my doctoral thesis and in my work as a Life Coach I observe that intellectual wellbeing is supported by accessible and ergonomic physical surroundings, positivity about mental & physical health and an affirming network of social relationships. Intellectual endeavour may also be inspired by a quest for meaning which some (but not all) may term ‘spiritual’.

These issues of holistic wellbeing, directly or indirectly, affect education and I include them in my mandate:

  • Registration – effective MyCampus training for staff and solutions to recurring glitches so students can register quickly and avoid course/ bank account/ accommodation nightmares.
  • Main Library – level access solutions to climbing up Gilmorehill; laptop space & socket provision; a ban on desk hogging; respect for quiet study areas.
  • Sport & Volunteering – freeing up Wednesday afternoons from compulsory classes so these other forms of learning (all valuable skills on CVs) can take place.
  • Integration – support for cultural encounters (such as the Confucius Institute).
  • Learning Styles – promoting diverse teaching for diverse students.
  • Empowerment – continuing training and support of class representatives including assertiveness training for student appeals and complaints.
  • Peer Learning & Teaching – promoting the sharing of knowledge and skills, including languages, among students.
  • Mature students – specific support and adequate dedicated study & social space for the neglected 45%.

Current & Completed Study: University of Glasgow

Current PGT (Playwriting & Dramaturgy) 2013-14.
Open Studies Mandarin 2012-13; Italian & French 2011-12; French 2010-11.
Ph.D. Education 2004-10.
CREDL PGCRE (Distance Learning) 2006-07.
Accredited Course Islamic Studies 2006-07.

Relevant experience

Apart from my experience of education at the University of Glasgow, I graduated from the Universities of St Andrews (M. Theol, hons), Stirling (M. Phil) and Strathclyde (PGDE) as well as spending some months of study at the University of Granada, Spain and at ICCS, Holy Names College, California. I have taught languages at home and abroad for years, RMPS in comprehensive UK schools and have years of management experience of UK summer language schools as well as of conducting school WW1 heritage tour holidays in Flanders and Picardy. I am a published author.

I founded the Capoeira sports club at the University of Stirling, Tent City Theatre Company and POLIS (Politically Inspired Stage) at the University of Glasgow, writing, directing and acting in 5 stage productions (at the Pearce Institute, Kinning Park Complex and Doune the Rabbithole Arts Festival) and a radio play on Sunny Govan Radio and SubCity Radio. I was a member of the GU Sailing Club for two years, gaining RYA L2 (Dinghy) at the Cumbrae Centre, and have been a member of the LGBTQ+ for a decade.

Cal Davies

Cal DaviesI am Cal (Caelum) Davies and I want to be your next Vice President Education!


  • 2nd term council member. I have pushed for greater use of drop-ins for students to speak to their Reps. I have liaised with the School of Maths and Stats on issues such as plagiarism, time-tabling and grading.
  • Member of the University Senate and the Learning & Teaching Committee. Also attend meetings for the Enhancement-led Institutional Review (basically an inspection for Scottish Universities) and the joint-committee with the Scottish Rural Agricultural College.
  • Cofounded and led a student learning and teaching group in high school. We reinvented how home work was given in the lower school. This was my first education focused research project, hooked ever since.
  • Currently attend meetings for the University’s campus expansion. I am able to make sure that the needs and wants of students are being represented to the development team.
  • Previously advised Sri Lanka’s equivalent of the Ministry of Education while I was teaching there.

The above has given me a detailed understanding of how the University and SRC work. It’s allowed me to make connections to get things done, and I have proven students are willing to let me listen.


  • To get Class Reps and SRC Reps working closer together. School Reps who sit on the SRC Council sometimes don’t have all the details about problems that Class Reps are able to provide them. Equally the Class Reps may have a problem they want to deal with, but don’t always have the influence/resources that School Reps can provide. I will encourage a tighter link between School and Class Reps to improve the learning environment for everyone.
  • To continue working on the project I started about student led service learning. It’s about studying something of your choice in the class room, then implementing what you have learned though a community based project and getting academic credit for it. It’s common place around the world, and develops students’ employability skills. I will work with the relevant people and groups, and invest my own time into research to seek to get the project off the ground.
  • To keep students interests’ at the forefront of discussions over the coming months as the University plans its expansion onto the Western Infirmary site. I’ve already taken part in some discussions, meaning my voice is even more powerful when it comes to protecting your interests.
  • To spend time on improving exam and coursework feedback for students, building on the work already done. I will speak to students, Learning and Teaching Committee and other relevant groups.
  • To continue the great work of my predecessors, particularly the review and improvement of exam timetabling and lecture recording. A year is short; I want to cement progress.

It’s clear how much I care about students, the Uni, the SRC and about education.

Please choose wisely. VOTE CAL DAVIES at glasgowstudent.net!

#YesWeCal @CaelumD

Frankie O’Donnell

Frankie O’DonnellHi there! My name is Frankie O’Donnell and I want to be your next VP (Education). I am currently a final year Spanish and French student; I’m also the incumbent School of Modern Languages and Cultures representative on the SRC and sit on the Religion and Belief Equality Group. During my time on council I have been a very active and vocal representative and have stood up for the views of the students that I represent. One of my proudest achievements as a council member has been the marked increase in engagement between language students and the SRC.

Having been a student at this university for nearly five years, I feel that I am best placed to fulfil this role as not only do I have experience of being on council, I have a great deal of experience as a student here at Glasgow. I have seen many changes here, some for the better and some not so good, but throughout the high quality of teaching has continued, and I want to play my part in ensuring that this remains the case. In the past I have also taken part in the Erasmus and British Council programmes and have represented the university abroad.

I am hard working, approachable and passionate about ensuring that students at the University of Glasgow have the best student experience possible. If elected, my main aims would be to:

  • Revamp the current class rep system: Class reps are a vital link in the chain that promotes change within the university. I feel that the system could be run more efficiently and believe that by streamlining the system this could be achieved. I want to ensure that the democratic principles behind the role are strengthened and that class reps are given more visibility within their departments. By doing this I believe we will see more engagement with students and can ensure that problems can be dealt with in-department in a more efficient manner.
  • Increase the level of academic support offered to students, for example, with more academic writing workshops. Such support is vital to all and should be available to all throughout your time at university.
  • Work with VP(SS) and welfare reps to ensure that all students are being catered for adequately and to ensure that no student should have to suffer any academic disadvantage.
  • Strive to ensure that adequate facilities and resources are available to students of all schools.
  • Work together with college convenors and school representatives to increase engagement with the SRC and to make sure that your voice is heard at all levels of the university.

So to sum up, why put a #1 next to my name on March 5th & 6th?
I want to ensure that the student is at the heart of everything we do here at Glasgow, and I believe that I am the right choice to represent you.

Any thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact me: 0900713o@student.gla.ac.uk